Let's take a look at 10 things to consider before plastic surgery.

1. Find a Good Doctor

İyi Bir Doktor Bulun

Aesthetic and plastic surgery is a very broad field. Although people who specialize in this branch have received special training and degrees, some doctors may have preferred to focus on certain areas. Surgeons who can specialize in different body parts such as nose, breast, chin and eyes stand out and make a name for themselves with their work in the areas they focus on. For this reason, do not forget to pay attention to the specific area the doctor focuses on when choosing a doctor. You can find detailed information about the doctors on their private websites or on the websites of the hospitals where they work.

2. Make sure you can communicate effectively with your doctor

Aesthetic operations (especially operations performed with aesthetic concerns rather than health concerns) have different dynamics than operations performed within the scope of other branches. It would be better to explain this with a small example. Let's say you have a health problem with your stomach and your doctor said you need surgery. You can consult your doctor about everything, you can ask questions about everything, but you cannot make special requests about the operation you will undergo, for example, you will not be able to say "Can you sew my stomach lining from above?".

Aesthetic operations are quite different from other branches in this respect. The patient goes to the doctor with a special request and expectation. The patient has an image in his/her mind and expects the doctor to perform an appropriate work to achieve this image. For this reason, it is very important to be able to convey your expectations to the doctor correctly.

In aesthetic operations, the doctor's communication with the patient is of great importance as well as how successful the doctor is in his field. For this reason, in addition to paying attention to the quality of your communication with your doctor before aesthetic surgery, you should also research your doctor's specialty.

Doctors working in the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery in Turkey are highly experienced in working with patients from different countries and cultures. For this reason, there are fewer problems in communication than in different countries.

3. Research Your Hospital

If the doctor ranks first in importance for a patient, the hospital should rank second. The care you receive before and after the operation is critical. For this reason, do not neglect to do a detailed research about your hospital.

There are very successful doctors and hospitals in the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery in Turkey. Let us also state that you will come across many hospital names while doing your doctor research. These hospitals stand out in Europe with the success of the doctors they work with and the care services they provide.

4. Get Information About Pre- and Post-Surgery Process

Estetik Ameliyat Öncesi ve Sonrası Süreç Hakkında Bilgi Alın

As before any kind of surgery, do not forget to get detailed information about the process before aesthetic operations. Especially in aesthetic operations, the healing process progresses differently. Do not neglect to ask your doctor any questions you have about how and when you can achieve the result you want.

5. Do not use medication without your doctor's knowledge

Aesthetic surgeries are seen as very simple operations by some people. Unfortunately, this is not true. In almost all aesthetic operations, a surgical incision is made in the body by giving anesthesia as in other surgeries. Therefore, you should take this process seriously.

Do not use any medication without your doctor's knowledge before the operation. Especially avoid using any blood thinners (aspirin, etc.).

6. Tell your doctor about your health history

Your doctor and healthcare team will ask you questions about your pre-operative medical history. In addition to the information requested, do not hesitate to indicate if there is a special condition. Remember, aesthetic operations are also serious medical interventions.

7. Pay attention to your nutrition

One of the issues to be considered before the operation is nutrition. Before the operation, you should avoid foods that will disturb your stomach and intestines. It will also be beneficial not to consume alcohol and tobacco products.

8. Be sure

Be sure! Before the aesthetic operations performed due to aesthetic concerns, the patient asked himself the question "What do I want?" and to be satisfied with the answer to this question.

"I want my nose to be like Audrey Hepburn's nose"

"Why don't my legs look like Kendal Janner's?"

"I wish my chin looked like Nicole Kidman's..."

These are not just words you say to yourself. Thanks to today's health technologies and specialized doctors, many things are now possible. The important thing is to decide whether you really want it or not. While doing your research on aesthetic operations, do not forget to listen to yourself well and be sure of what you want.

9. Consult with close friends

As we mentioned above, it is very important for the person to be self-confident before the aesthetic operation decision. Sometimes you may be confused in this process, you may have question marks about what you want. Do not worry! Making a decision about your own body is not an easy process. Try to consult with people you trust and who know you well. They can guide you by noticing things that you do not notice and help you eliminate the question marks in your mind.

10. Do not overdo it

Estetiği Aşırıya Kaçmayın

The biggest danger in aesthetic operations is the tendency to overdo it. Today's technologies and medical knowledge allow you to almost reinvent a person, but this does not mean that you are a play dough. Do not try to make all the changes in your mind at once. Take the changes you want in your body step by step. That way you can better assess whether these changes are worth it for you.