We have compiled the things that inpatients should have in the hospital bag for you.

1. Pyjama and Dressing Gown

Pyjama and Dressing Gown

The first thing you should put in the hospital bag is a pyjama set. Considering that your pyjamas will get dirty more often than usual, you should definitely take a spare one with you. Considering the period of your hospital stay, it will be appropriate to get a pyjama set for every two days. Long and cotton nightgowns can be a comfortable choice for female patients. Remember, short and frequent walks are recommended by doctors to remove the gas and edema that accumulate in the body after many operations and surgeries. Make sure to include a pair of dressing gowns in your bag to wear on these walks in the hospital.

A little reminder!

Yes, it would be nice to bring extra pyjamas and dressing gowns, but don't overdo the number of spares. Nobody wants to go to the hospital with a big suitcase.

2.Cologne / Disinfectant

Although hospitals are regularly sterilized,  stillit is home to many bacteria and viruses. No matter how much you and hospital staff pay attention to hygiene, you cannot be completely sure about the hygiene of the people visiting you. For this reason, do not forget to have a bottle of cologne and disinfectant in your hospital bag.

3.Ear Plugs

Unfortunately, working hours of hospitals are quite different from daily life routines. Hospital corridors and rooms are placed with people at all hours of the day, so sometimes could be disturbing for inpatients in terms of getting sleep. Especially if your operation is an operation that requires regular controls and frequent medication, this may negatively affect your sleep patterns. Sleep at short intervals becomes much more valuable. For this reason, you should definitely add earplugs in your hospital bag. In the loudest moments, a pair of earplugs can turn into a very calm spirit.

4. Headset


Medical operations and medications may sometimes make it difficult to sleep or received health care may require not sleeping. In such cases, especially if you are not staying in a single room, the headset plays a critical role in increasing your comfort. If you wish, you can listen to relaxing music to relax your body for a comfortable sleep, or watch something from your phone or tablet to spend time.

5. Eye Band

Hospitals are noisy and bright places. Especially if more than one patient is sharing the same room, the room lights will mostly be kept on due to the medication given and the controls performed at different times. By taking a small precaution, you can maximize your comfort in the hospital room by putting an eye band in your bag.

6. Slipper

One of the essentials of the hospital bag is slippers. Keep slippers in your bag so that you can move around your hospital room and corridors comfortably. You may not be able to move comfortably after the operation and you may have difficulty in bending. For this reason, it would be better to choose a comfortable slipper. It will be better to choose plastic slippers instead of fabric and furry slippers from healthier environment perspective.

7.Spare Socks and Underwear

Depending on the duration of your stay in the hospital, be sure to include spare socks and underwear in your bag. Remember, your personal belongings will be dirty more often in the hospital environment. For this reason, keep this in mind when taking spare socks and underwear.

8. A Thin Blanket

Generally it is warm in hospitals.  Sometimes used blankets may be thick for patients. For this reason, it will be useful to have a thin blanket in your bag. You can use this cover not only while sleeping, but also to cover it your back when you go for a walk in the hospital.

9.Book / Magazine

Book / Magazine

What do people say, book is man's best friend! In a hospital, a good friend is always needed. Books are good friends to get rid of the stress becaseu of your illness and surgery, to spend time and sometimes to improve your mood. If you do not like to read books, you can choose a few magazines according to your interests.

What a book!  Don't say what a book is needed in the hospital! Remember, your companion may not be with you every minute or you may not always be able to turn on TV if you share a room with more than one person. At such moments, reading a few pages of books and magazines will be good for you.

10. Towel Set

Not sleeping in your own bed or in your own room is uncomfortable and stressful enough. Therefore, getting rid of this tension and personalizing the hospital room where you will stay for a while can make the hospital experience more comfortable. You can make your hospital room a place of your own and create a more hygienic environment by using the towel sets you will bring from your home.

11. Essential toiletries Products

Essential toiletries Products

Essential toiletries kit is a must in a hospital bag. You should definitely put a small toiletires kit  consisting of a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, etc in your hospital bag. Many private hospitals in Turkey, provides essential toiletries products to hospital patients in order to increase their comfort. However, what we said, it is always safest to move with spare items.

12. Paper Cups and Snacks

You can have small snacks and nuts with you if  your doctors is allowed. In this way, you can prefer the snacks with healthier alternatives. The paper cups you will bring with you will provide you convenience during your stay in the hospital.

When to Pack a Hospital Bag?

As the time of hospitalization approaches, your tension and excitement may increase. For this reason, you should not leave your hospital bag on the last day. If possible, prepare your bag a week in advance. In this way, you can see your shortcomings and have a plenty of time to complete them. We have compiled what should be in a hospital bag for you. But let's say you forgot to take some things with you because of the rush of that day and the stress of the operation you will undergo.

Do not be afraid!

Small shops on the ground floow where you can meet your needs are found in almost all hospitals in Turkey. You can meet your needs from these shops for the things you forget to add to your hospital bag.