When it comes to Summer Holidays, Antalya is the first holiday location that comes to the mind of both Turkish people and people of different nationalities. Antalya, surrounded by the azure sea, vast beaches, and Toros mountains covered with pine forests, also attracts attention with its health care services. The city, which is often preferred not only for summer holidays but also for health tourism; has 3 public hospitals and 15 private hospitals. Antalya, which is also home to Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine Hospital, is home to a terrific staff of doctors who have signed off on the first “face transplant” surgery in Turkey.

In Antalya, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world during the year, you can enjoy your vacation while still conveniently accessing all kinds of health services you can imagine.

Therefore, in this article, we have listed some of the most prominent private hospitals in Antalya for you.

Medical Park Antalya Hospital

Medical Park Antalya Hospital

The largest private hospital in the Mediterranean region, Medical Park Antalya Hospital, stands out for its health care services, state-of-the-art equipment, and specialist doctor staff. There are; 84 outpatient rooms, 228 beds (39 in the Heart Department), 73 intensive care units, and 34 newborn intensive care units at the hospital.

Medical Park Antalya Hospital has ten operating rooms equipped with high-standards in organ transplant operations, with the aim of being the most preferred organ transplant center not only in Turkey but also in Europe. The hospital also has the reputation of being the center in Turkey that performs the most organ transplants with the fewest side effects.

Medical Park Antalya Hospital, one of the few hospitals authorized by Turkey's General Directorate of Civil Aviation, also serves the aviation personnel, especially the pilots.

The hospital, which has agreements with more than 200 domestic and foreign insurance companies, also serves international patients from dozens of different countries. In addition to the countries bordering Turkey; the institution, which welcomes patients from countries such as Russia and Ukraine, also offers customized services for international patients.

For more information about the hospital and its services, go to: https://medicalparkinternational.com/en-us/Pages/Antalya-medicalpark.aspx?hospitalId=71

Antalya Anatolia Hospital

Antalya Anatolia Hospital

Antalya Anadolu Hospital, one of the best-known private hospitals in Antalya, serves in seven different locations in the region. Apart from the city center; Antalya Anadolu Hospital also provides health services to its patients in Alanya, Belek, Aspendos, Kemer, Lara, and Side, the hospital receives the return of these investments with high patient satisfaction.

There is also an IVF service at the hospital, which has 115 beds, four of which are suites, and a neonatal intensive care unit with 17 beds.

The institution, which emphasizes complementary medicine treatments that have become widely popular around the world in recent years, also offers services in ozone and neural therapy. With a fully equipped Algology Unit, Nutrition and Dietetics Unit, EEG and EMG laboratory, and pathology laboratory, the hospital stands out in terms of the services it offers to its patients.

For more information about the hospital and its services, go to: https://www.anatoliahospital.com/international/

Private OFM Antalya Hospital

Private OFM Antalya Hospital

Private OFM Antalya Hospital, located in one of the busiest locations of Antalya, is one of the most noteworthy hospitals in the city with its well-equipped team of health workers and medical equipment in accordance with European Union standards. The hospital, which has a campus set up in a closed area of 14,200 square meters, is only 8 km away from the airport and this provides great convenience for international patients.

The hospital aims to provide the best service to its patients with a total capacity of 119 beds (60 of them single beds), also including 48 intensive care beds.

The hospital has arrangements with several domestic and international health providers and has medical professionals and interpreters who speak English, German, and Russian.

For more information about the hospital and its services, go to: https://www.ofmantalya.com/

Private Antalya Life Hospital

Private Antalya Life Hospital

Private Antalya Life Hospital, which started serving its patients in 2006, thanks to the health group its part of, serves its patients with many years of experience.

The hospital, which has been treating thousands of foreign patients from all over the world for more than two decades, also draws attention to its state-of-the-art patient care and treatment facilities, expert and effective doctors, and medical personnel.

For more information about the hospital and its services, go to: https://www.yasamhastaneleri.com/