Turkey is at the forefront of oral and dental health, as it is in many other fields. International patients often choose Turkey, which stands out for its affordable prices and high success rates in operations. As a result, we've compiled a list of the best dental health facilities in Turkey for you in this article.


Implant Dental Services in Turkey

An implant is a dental treatment that is used to replace missing teeth in the mouth. The gaps in the patient's mouth are filled thanks to artificial teeth roots in the shape of screws inserted in the jaw. Titanium is commonly used for dental roots in the shape of screws. The main reason for this is that titanium is not perceived as a foreign material by the human body, making tissue cohesion easier to achieve.

People of all ages can undergo implant treatment. Only the jawbone is affected during this process, leaving the other teeth untouched.

This treatment process, which is common among both domestic and international patients in Turkey, is effectively applied. The implant, which is one of the most feared dental treatments, is conducted with high patient satisfaction in Turkey.

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Dental Prosthesis

In the field of prosthetics, Turkey is one of the most common destinations for international patients. The high rate of adaptation and the low cost of adequate prosthetics are the two most important reasons for this. The country's prosthetic labs serve patients from all over Europe. The samples taken for a patient's prosthesis in Germany are usually sent to Turkey, where the prosthesis is prepared and then returned to Germany. This situation is caused by two factors. The first reason is that it is much less expensive than in Europe, and the second is that the workmanship is of higher quality.

As a result, many European citizens choose to have their prosthetic operations performed in Turkey rather than in their own country. According to an approximate calculation, prosthetic costs in European countries are comparable to the overall budget, which includes transport, lodging, and transaction costs to Turkey.

For this reason, you can combine your travel plans and health plans for your prosthetics and get a quality service at an affordable price in Turkey.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a procedure that is used to save teeth that have been severely infected. Both nerves and tooth essence found in the root of the tooth are extracted during the process, and the interior of the tooth is washed. After that, a special substance is injected into the cleaned area. Since the tooth nerves are extracted, nerve cells will no longer have any feeling.

The timing of root canal treatment is critical. Teeth can be saved if they are treated early enough. It could be too late for root canal treatment if the aching tooth is not treated for a long time and the tooth becomes infected. In this case, the tooth may need to be extracted.

Since it is applied straight to the nerves in the teeth and roots, root canal treatment is very painful. As a result, it is important that it is performed by qualified and competent dentists.

Turkey has had a lot of success in this field. Root canal treatment is a procedure that can be done in one to two sessions, depending on the condition of the tooth. Turkey is often chosen in this field because of its quick and effective treatment periods.

Bruxism (Tooth Clenching Disease)

Bruxism (Tooth Clenching Disease)

At the moment, bruxism is a widespread source of discomfort that people are attempting to manage. Serious effects of this disease, which many people are unaware of and ignore, are also possible. Caries, jaw pains, and tooth formation loss due to bruxism are all typical issues.

Thanks to the high quality of workmanship in Turkey and specially prepared dental plaques, patients can completely get rid of the ailments caused by bruxism

Botox is also often the preferred method to prevent bruxism in the recent years.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Who wouldn't want to have white teeth like in the ones in commercials? We all know the answer to that question.

It is no longer difficult to achieve a white appearance with existing technologies and laser devices developed in accordance with oral and dental health.

Moreover, Turkey manages to make its name mentioned frequently with its achievements in this field with high patient satisfaction.

Embedded Tooth Operation (Impacted tooth, Wisdom Tooth)

Embedded tooth, also known as 20-gauge teeth (wisdom tooth), means pain for many people. A wisdom tooth, which indicates its presence with a severe pain felt in an instant, causes great distress to the person.

The primary explanation that impacted tooth pose problems after a certain age is that they are not evolutionarily necessary and can't find a position in the jaw when it shrinks with age. As a result, trapped teeth cause a great deal of discomfort.

The extraction of impacted teeth can be a complicated process sometimes. As a result, it's critical that this operation be carried out by a qualified dentist with experience in this field. If the procedure is done by an inexperienced dentist, it may become a very painful and time-consuming procedure. Turkish doctors can demonstrate their superiority by their expertise and effective operations in this field.