Even if cancer was identified as a ruthless disease that had no treatment in the past, currently at the point newly reached the treatments applied on the cancer patients have a very high success rate. Especially with advancing technology as well as early diagnoses that made it easier, and thanks to the newly developed cancer treatment methods cancer has become a treatable disease. Also, thanks to the new generation of technology there are new methods that boosts immune system, and supports the human body in its fight against cancer cells.

Turkey, being successful in a lot of branches also, have a very successful treatment system in oncology branch. With latest technology equipment, field specialists, and doctors that follow the most recent developments in the scientific field closely Turkey, made big successes in this field.

Therefore we have prepared for you all the details regarding cancer treatment in Turkey.

Today’s Cancer Treatment in Turkey

Today’s Cancer Treatment in Turkey

As it is the case in all around the world in the last 20 years Turkey also, has seen a serious increase in cancer cases. Among the reasons for this are stress caused by city life, heavy responsibilities imposed by the work life, increasing environment pollution, and the increasing chemicals in the foods that we consume every day. Without a doubted the increasing cases brought and increasing speed in the researches made in this field as well.

The country applies treatments on a world standards level.

How Is Individual Treatment Applied in Turkey?

What is Individual Treatment?

Individual treatment is based on the principle of that every patient has different genetics and different immune system. Treatments preformed based on this principle adopts a consideration for the different needs of every patients.

Individual Treatment in Cancer Treatments

Individual Treatment in Cancer Treatments

As the case is for all the world Turkey adopts individual treatment understanding in cancer treatment field. Especially that individual treatment has shown very successful results in the treatment of breast cancer usually seen in women.

Intelligent Treatment and Cancer

Intelligent treatment approach, is aimed at the right points of the treatment as well as decreasing the side effects of the treatment.

Intelligent treatment approach stands out the most in the last 20 years in cancer treatment. Chemotherapy is one of the most popular methods in cancer treatment. The heavy drugs given to the body during the chemotherapy doesn’t affect the cancer cells only but also affects healthy ones. The heavy side effects of chemotherapy are known to be fever, vomiting, clouding of consciousness, hair loss, weakening and etc. When some during the disease have these effects lightly others have it badly.

With today’s intelligent treatment approach cancer cells are targeted directly based on the patient needs. Thanks to the intelligent medicines, treatments have seen higher success rates and a decrease in the side effects that the patient see during treatment.

Intelligent medicines are used in treating a lot of cancer types in Turkey. Thanks to this consideration that is aiming to keep the patient’s life standards at a high - level the treatment process is more successful. Also, the application of the intelligent medicines in the country increases the life expectancy for the patient.

Three Stage Cancer Treatment and Cancer Treatment in Turkey

Three Stage Cancer Treatment and Cancer Treatment in Turkey

World Health Organization (WHO) evaluates cancer under three stages. The first stage is protection from cancer. The question of whether cancer is a preventable disease or not may come to mind. The answer is simple, yes even if genetic factors were effective in cancer diseases, we see that it is only effective with a factor of 10%. Changing your life style, eating healthy, and not consuming harmful products can protect you from cancer.

Aside from that going to doctor’s control regularly you can be aware of thing that is happening in your body. If there is one who have a cancer history in your family you have to do this controls more regularly. This controls brings us to the concept of early diagnoses which is the second stage of cancer. Early diagnoses save life. Currently a lot of countries according to its own priorities have a cancer screening program. In Turkey for women there is breast, Cervix, and large bowel, for men there is large bowel screening programs. Aside from this, international patients can apply to private hospitals to get their cancer screening done.

Technological equipment used for early diagnoses plays a critical role. Latest technological equipment used in Turkey are on a world level, and are used for early diagnoses.

Cancer's third and last stage is effective treatment. Currently there is a lot of cancer treatment methods. Chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, and radiotherapy are among the most applied treatment methods. Turkey has been making a serious success in the treatments in this field.