Sexual reluctance is a problem that many people face at various times in their lives. 

What is Sexual Anxiety?

Sexual aversion is a condition in which there is a decrease in people's desire and desire for sexual intercourse. This desire and desire may disappear completely depending on the person. Although there is enough stimulus, the person may experience sexual reluctance. Sexual reluctance can be seen in both women and men. 

Symptoms of Sexual Anxiety 

The most basic symptom is the lack of sexual desire. The person prefers to stay away from all sexual activities (including masturbation). Accordingly, the person may also experience some emotional difficulties. However, one may feel depressed, sleepless, tired and sluggish. 

Causes of Male Sexual Reluctance

Even if sexual reluctance is usually due to psychological reasons, it can also be seen as a result of testosterone hormone deficiency. Testosterone hormone is the main factor that regulates the sex drive of men. 

Do Some Drugs Cause Decreased Sexual Desire? 

Antidepressant drugs used in the treatment of some psychological diseases can suppress sexual function and desire in long-term use. Penile hardening pills are generally recommended for male patients who need long-term antidepressant use. However, these pills should be used under the advice and control of a doctor. 

In addition, there are some researches that there may be a decrease in sexual desire due to vitamin B12 deficiency. However, there is not enough research and precise information on this subject yet. Vitamin B12 is a type of vitamin that can be used as a support for the rejuvenation of men. 

Can Sexual Desire Be Related to Nutrition? 

It does not seem possible to establish a relationship between nutrition and sexual desire. However, some aphrodisiac foods can increase sexual drive. For this, foods containing strawberries, chocolate, ginseng, cocoa butter can be tried. 

Sexual reluctance is a health problem that affects the person's life negatively in many ways but can be treated. If you think you are experiencing sexual reluctance, you should seek support from a specialist immediately. 

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