Just as every limb and organ in your body has certain needs, the vagina also has some special needs. At the top of these needs is hygiene. Remember, it is not right to use cosmetics such as vaginal cleansing gels to maintain hygiene. If you do not want to disturb the vagina's own pH balance, it is enough to clean it with clear water. Your body will take care of all the rest for you on its own.

The underwear you choose for beauty reasons is just as important as hygiene. Do not jeopardize your vagina for the sake of beauty!

What kind of fabric should be preferred for underwear?

Your underwear should be cotton. Since cotton has a breathable structure, it helps your skin to breathe during the day. Thanks to its moisture management, it absorbs and evaporates moisture. In this way, your vulva can stay dry and clean during the day. Thanks to cotton underwear, you prevent many infection risks.

One of the best things about cotton underwear is that it prevents the formation of excess heat and moisture, minimizes the risk of sweating and allows you to move confidently during the day.

Another nice feature is that it absorbs moisture and prevents the formation of bad odor. As you know, the vagina is a muscle channel with a wet structure. For this reason, the humidity is quite high. The fact that cotton underwear absorbs moisture will provide great convenience.

Choosing cotton underwear is very important for vaginal health, but there is one more issue to be considered. Very tight and tight underwear should not be chosen. Since tight underwear prevents the skin from breathing, it is likely to cause sensitivity on your skin over time.