Positive changes to be made in factors that can lead to heart diseases such as diabetes, overweight, malnutrition, and inactivity can delay the onset of the disease.

If you think you are having a heart attack and you are alone;

  1. First of all, as soon as the pain starts, the patient should call his relatives by phone and inform them of the situation.
  2. The door to the place should be left ajar. Thus, the job of the person who will come to help becomes easier.
  3. A vigorous cough may temporarily increase blood flow. Although the probability of dislodgement of a newly started clot is very low, the person should cough vigorously by closing the nostrils.
  4. If you have aspirin at home, it should be taken with a glass of water.
  5. Apart from this, absolutely nothing should be eaten or drunk.
  6. The window should be opened to allow oxygen to enter the room.
  7. The arrival of help should be expected while lying down or sitting. Definitely not standing still. A patient who comes to the hospital with a heart attack should not have a trauma problem. If the person has fallen and hit his head, treatment for a heart attack may not be possible due to the blow to the head.
  8. Exercise should not be done to reduce pain.
  9. Never go under cold or hot water. Especially cold water is very dangerous in such situations. Because it constricts the heart vessels and can cause narrowing of the non-occluded vessels.


If a person has had a heart attack near you;

  1. If you do not have health experience, do not treat someone who is having a heart attack, do not give other patients or your own heart medication.
  2. Immediately request ambulance assistance and transport the patient to the nearest fully equipped hospital.
  3. In the meantime, lay the person having a heart attack in a suitable place.
  4. Try to get more blood flow to the heart by elevating your feet above heart level.
  5. Help such as loosening the tight clothes, untying the tie.
  6. The important thing is to transport the patient to a hospital where examinations and treatments can be done on-site and appropriately.

Smoking and Diabetes Increase Heart Attack Risk 10-fold

Those with high blood pressure, those with high sugar, those with high cholesterol, and those who smoke are about 10 times more at risk than others. The risk of developing a heart attack increases with age. As it is known, even if one of these risk factors is reduced, the risk of a heart attack will also be reduced.