With the arrival of summer, we are turning to open options such as slippers and sandals instead of closed shoes and heavy boots. Walking with open feet brings some dangers. Precautions should be taken against the risk of getting something stuck in the foot. Some precautions can be taken for healthy and beautiful looking feet to go barefoot during the summer. You can pay attention to the following for this: 

  • When applying sunscreen, which is the most important part of summer, it should also be applied to the feet. 
  • Bare feet become more vulnerable to infections such as fungus and warts. For this reason, wearing slippers instead of bare feet in common areas reduces the risk of infection. Especially people with diabetes should be more careful in this regard.
  • As air temperatures increase in summer months, the rate of sweating also increases. Therefore, feet sweat more and a favorable environment for fungus occurs. For this reason, shoes that will allow the feet to breathe in summer should be preferred. In addition, cotton socks will be the right choice. 
  • Worn shoes should not be worn the next day. Shoes should be worn one day and ventilated one day.
  • As the weather gets warmer, the time spent outside increases. Therefore, we spend longer time on our feet. When this situation is without socks, there is an increase in cracking and hardening of the feet. As the fat layer in the foot decreases with advancing age, callus formation also increases. Regular moisturizer can be used as a precaution. Callus care should not be neglected. 
  • It is one of the most important factors that the centers preferred for foot care pay attention to hygiene rules. It is very important that the equipment used is sterile. 
  • It should not be forgotten that with disinfection, microorganisms only become inactive, whereas in sterilization, not a single living microorganism remains. If the cutting instruments used are not sterilized correctly, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, wart virus can be transmitted from people who have been treated before. This is a very risky situation.

Foot care should not be neglected in summer

It is very important for everyone to have beautiful and well-groomed feet and nails and everyone wants this. However, fungus causes a bad appearance on the nails. In addition to fungus, if there are problems such as nail discharge, breakage, nail loss, an aesthetically bad appearance occurs.
If there is an ingrown nail problem, there may be a concern that it will be pressed when wearing open shoes. If there is callus, pain and pain may occur. The most important element to prevent this is regular foot care. 
For foot care, you can apply to the foot health departments of health institutions. In these departments, callus and crack treatment as well as other foot health problems are solved.