Even if a large breast is aesthetically pleasing, it may require people to give it up due to some health problems. Neck and back pain is the main reason for this. At the same time, the problem of finding clothes and the cavities caused by the pressure of bra straps on the shoulders over time can also disturb women. Breast reduction surgery is recommended for patients with complaints such as sagging problems over time, sagging problems due to breastfeeding and difficulty in breathing. Women undergo breast reduction operations due to many such problems. 

It should be noted that this surgery is not only performed on women. Some men can also undergo breast reduction surgery because they have female-type breast enlargement.

When is breast surgery performed?

For breast surgery to be performed, it is expected that the breasts have reached sufficient size. Anyone who has completed puberty and is uncomfortable with breast size can undergo surgery. If puberty is not completed, but there is excessive breast size, you can consult your doctor and get an opinion. In some cases, surgery can be performed before breast development is completed.

Another issue to be considered is the weight of the patient. If you are a patient who plans to lose weight, weight loss is recommended first and then surgery is performed.

Is breast reduction surgery risky?

Breast reduction surgery is as risky as any other surgery.Some minor bleeding is observed three days after surgery.Conditions such as sensitivity to anesthesia are examined before surgery.The main factor that creates risk here is your choice of doctor. 

Breast surgery carries some risks for people who are planning to give birth to a child. Since there will be milk ducts in the tissue that shrinks in breast surgery, it is possible to experience a 20% loss during breastfeeding.If your doctor is not an expert in this field, the loss rate may increase and you may have major problems with breastfeeding.If you prefer a specialist doctor in a possible breast reduction operation, you will minimize the risks of infection. If you do not want to face risks such as incorrect stitches, scarring on the stitches, incorrect suturing of the nipple, deformities in the breast, you should be careful in your choice of doctor. 

Preparation for breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction operation requires some preparations like any other surgery.For example, surgery may be postponed in cases where a patient with excess weight needs to lose weight.It will be better for the patient to have surgery after the body is in shape because excessive weight loss after surgery can lead to visual disturbances.

You may need to stop or reduce the dosage of some of your medications, especially blood thinners. You may also be advised by your doctor to stop taking herbal supplements as they may increase bleeding.

Smokers are advised to stop smoking 4 weeks before surgery.Smoking will delay the healing process of your wounds, increase your risk of infection and may cause unexpected scars.

How much should the breast be reduced? Can the patient choose?

The main issue in breast reduction surgeries is to eliminate the patient's problems.Your doctor will follow a program that is proportional to your body contours. 

Although you want to completely get rid of this burden you have been carrying for a long time, when you look in the mirror in the future, over-reduced breasts may come out of the ordinary and bother you.Therefore, we recommend that you trust your doctor and give him the opportunity to find the right size. Because this procedure is a permanent procedure and you may want to have a second surgery and enlarge your breasts a little more because of over-reduced breasts. 

Will the breasts grow again after breast reduction?

Although it is very unlikely that your breasts will grow back after breast reduction, it is not impossible.If you gain excessive weight after surgery, the proportion of fat tissue in the breasts will increase and your breasts will grow. In addition, getting pregnant shortly after surgery or menopause in the future may cause sagging of the breasts.

Is there a lot of pain after breast reduction surgery?

Contrary to fears, breast reduction surgery is not a painful operation and no pain is felt afterwards. 

As in breast augmentation operations, there is no pain related to the body's adaptation period when a foreign body is added to the body.In fact, as the excess weight in the breast is reduced, relief of back and neck pain can be observed quickly in the first period.

Does breast reduction surgery cause cancer?

Breast reduction surgery does not trigger cancer formation.On the contrary, it has been determined in researches that the rate of tissue that will form cancer decreases due to the reduction of tissues in the breasts.