When viewed from the opposite side, the situation where the ears are seen more than the edges is called prominent ears. Although prominent ears are usually passed on as a genetic inheritance, they can also occur when newborn babies are put to sleep with their ears curled and are always put to sleep in the same direction. This condition, which causes psychological distress and reduces the quality of life due to social bullying, can be corrected by surgical intervention. 

In the surgical intervention, the ear is not pushed back. After the necessary shape and position correction is made, it is proportioned to the face and the most natural aesthetic image possible is tried to be obtained.

Can prominent ear be corrected without surgical intervention? Prominent ear correction operation with thread

There are some treatment methods that can be used for prominent ears, but unfortunately, there is no treatment method that you can do yourself at home. 

Although prominent ear correction aesthetics is an operation performed without any incisions, it is a surgical intervention because it is performed with anesthesia. In terms of cost, it is cheaper than prominent ear correction surgery and is a shorter operation. With an operation that takes an average of 15 minutes, the large image in the ear is removed by pulling the medical thread. 

Can I get rid of prominent ear with my own means at home?

Yes, you can. But unfortunately there is a certain period of time for this. If a prominent ear is noticed in a newborn baby, non-surgical prominent ear treatments can be applied within a week and an aesthetic appearance can be gained so that there is no need for surgery at an advanced age. 

Since the ear cartilage is still soft, the problematic image is removed by shaping by the doctors. In this application, special molds and splints are used within a few weeks. The more delayed the diagnosis, the less likely it is to get a positive result from this application.

At what age can otoplasty be performed? Can children have prominent ear surgery?

Children should be over the age of 5 for otoplasty because ear development in children is 90% complete by the age of 6. The reason why we talk about the earliest periods is that cruel criticism and bullying among children negatively affect children with prominent ears psychologically. 

The support of the family is very important in such cases of peer bullying. Especially people in the school age group and adolescents suffer a lot from this issue. Do not forget that anyone, regardless of age, can have prominent ear surgery after the cartilage development is completed. 

Does prominent ear surgery cause hearing loss?

Prominent ear surgery is a procedure performed for aesthetic purposes on the outer part of the ear. Since there is no intervention in the part of the ear that fulfills the hearing function, there is no disadvantage such as hearing loss. 

With the advancing technology, laser surgeries are performed to prevent the scars of the incisions that will occur after the operation. In this way, bleeding is prevented when the incision occurs and surgical scars are protected. 

Can the problem of scooping be eliminated with an ear band?

An ear band will not work on an adult person. If a person who has survived adolescence wants to get rid of his prominent ear, unfortunately, the only thing he can do is surgical operations. In babies and children, the ear band will provide partial treatment because the cartilage is still soft, but this possibility decreases as they get older. In other words, while an ear band is promising for a baby, this situation is a little more hopeless for a child over the age of 6.

What is the healing process in ear aesthetic operations?

No pain is felt during the operation thanks to anesthesia. Hygiene measures should be taken against the risk of postoperative edema. On average, the surgery is performed in a short time like 1 hour. The healing process will also be fast enough not to tire you.

Regular dressings will be applied and bandages will be used as recommended by the doctor. For a period of 3 weeks, it may be recommended to use an ear band. In addition, if a laser operation is performed, there will be no need for dressing. In this process, protecting the wound from external factors can accelerate the healing process and reduce it to 1-2 weeks.