As pregnancy progresses, swelling around the ankles and feet becomes more pronounced. Changes in hormone levels cause more water retention in the body. This is actually a normal situation. The increased amount of fluid helps transport nutrients to the fetus, but it will cause some problems for pregnant women.

Edema occurs in the legs and feet. Feet do not fit into shoes. The expectant mother starts using slippers. However, when the mother's foot size grows, cracks occur in the heels that overflow from the open-backed slippers.

What can be done to solve these problems?

Calluses and cracked heels can be taken care of in the foot health department.

The correct shoes must be worn to prevent problems from occurring or recurring.

What is the importance of choosing shoes during pregnancy?

The right shoes you choose during pregnancy will prevent your feet from being deformed and will not allow the formation of collapsed calluses. You can choose the right shoes by paying attention to three issues.

Shopping time: Choose later in the day for shoe shopping. The feet, which relax and rest while sleeping, expand with the tiredness of the day. To remember: You are looking for shoes that are suitable for your feet and that will not bore you.

Model: Let's start by telling you to stay away from high heels. It is useful to choose shoes that support your sole and allow you to walk comfortably. Wide-toed walking and running shoes are ideal.

Number and Pattern: Pay more attention to comfort and grip than shoe size. We recommend that you take care to buy shoes that are wide enough to hug your feet but not too tight. Don't give credit to the words "shoes open on time." You don't have that much time.

What should pregnant women pay attention to when getting foot care?

Since the use of drugs during pregnancy is limited, it is important for expectant mothers to protect their bodies against all kinds of viruses. They should prefer centers that use sterile instruments and give importance to hygiene while doing foot care. Otherwise, viruses, such as warts, can be transmitted.

When and how often should foot care be taken during pregnancy?

In general, from the 12th week on, problems with heaviness and edema begin to appear in the feet, and foot care can be done from this week on. It can be done once a month.