It is important to start by noting that this anomaly, known as clubfoot, is very common. This anomaly, in which one or both feet are turned inward, can cause pain and callus problems due to the baby stepping on the side of the foot when the baby starts walking. Therefore, in the first weeks after the baby is born, you should seek help from specialist doctors. Because walking problems in the future can cause damage in children. 

Clubfoot is usually detected during check-ups, but in some cases it may be discovered after birth, even if it does not show up on ultrasounds.

What causes clubfoot syndrome?

There are many theories about the cause of clubfoot syndrome, but the medical community has not reached a clear conclusion. Chromal abnormalities and the presence of this condition in first-degree relatives increase the risk of its occurrence in the baby.

It is thought that the mother's use of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or certain medications during pregnancy triggers clubfoot syndrome. As a conscious mother, you need to be more careful than usual during pregnancy and you should consult your doctor when consuming any chemicals.

The rate of clubfoot in boys is more than twice as high as in girls. Although this is something you can't help, being careful is essential for a healthy birth process. 

In addition, the Zika virus, which spreads through mosquitoes in some countries, is among the factors that trigger the disease.

Is surgical intervention mandatory in clubfoot treatment?

Since the treatment of clubfoot is started when the baby is still young, the first choice is to put a plaster cast on the foot after regular massage. It is aimed to change the position of the foot with a cast starting from the toes and extending to the groin. This treatment should be applied within the first 3 weeks in order for the foot to reach the required position by utilizing the flexibility in the ligaments. In this way, surgical intervention will not be necessary.

If the heel bone is not in place and the necessary stretching cannot be achieved, the Achilles tendon needs to be lengthened and surgical intervention is required for this. After this procedure, stretching is applied to the ligaments and the feet are brought to the position they should be.

You can get the necessary treatment recommendation from your doctor, taking into account how many weeks your baby is and its health status. Remember, early diagnosis is the most important thing for health.