This condition, which manifests itself with the appearance of sand grains on the skin, is not called a disease. It is a cosmetic condition, not a medical condition, as it does not cause any harm to health. 

The incidence is very intense. We can say that it is seen in 1 out of every 4 people in the society. The incidence rate in women is higher than in men. These bumps, which are sometimes red, sometimes white and sometimes skin-colored, are visually similar to sandpaper or plucked chickens. 

The cause of this hereditary condition is not known exactly. It occurs because keratin, which is responsible for protecting the skin from infections, is present in the body more than it should be. Keratin is also responsible for ensuring that skin cells perform their functions correctly. However, disruptions in the excretion of dead cells in the hair canal cause this bad appearance on the skin. Dead cells that cannot be excreted individually are tried to be excreted collectively. In this way, the holes opened in the skin for hair become more prominent. 

It is observed that this situation is more common in winter months. With the decrease in skin moisture in winter months, the skin begins to dry out and dead skin accumulates more. With the inability to remove dead skin, this condition will be triggered and its visibility will increase. 

Is there a treatment to get rid of the chicken appearance on the skin?

It is not correct to call this condition, which creates an unaesthetic appearance on the skin, a disease, nor is it correct to say that there is a treatment. The treatment to be applied aims to alleviate the symptoms. It has been observed that it usually goes away on its own in the 30s. 

This condition, which is seen on the cheeks, buttocks, thighs and upper arms, can sometimes occur on the face. It is possible to prevent this ugly appearance with a regular skin care routine. 

Since increasing the moisture content is essential, regular moisturizing as well as exfoliating will help alleviate the symptoms. 

Once you have a skin that is exfoliated and moisturized frequently, getting rid of your hair follicles will improve the appearance. You can aim to shrink your hair follicles using laser or other methods. 

An acid called alpha hydroxy in apple cider vinegar will help you remove excess keratin that has accumulated in the skin pores. It is not suitable to apply the acidic structure of vinegar directly to the skin, you can dilute this percentage by mixing 1 measure of vinegar with one measure of drinking water and then apply it in circular motions to the area you are uncomfortable with the appearance of the cleaning process. 

Methods such as chemical peeling and laser can also be recommended to patients who are uncomfortable with this situation. You can get rid of the disturbing image by choosing the treatment that your doctor deems appropriate. Although the appearance of chicken skin on the skin does not affect your health physiologically, it can make you feel bad psychologically or lower your self-confidence. For this reason, you can consult your dermatologist to prevent skin imperfections from causing traumatic and psychological anxiety in your body.