Factors such as unhealthy nutrition and lack of movement in daily life threaten the health of people of all age groups. If the necessary precautions are not taken in early childhood, children will be under threat in their later years. 

Cardiovascular diseases are based on childhood. The majority of deaths worldwide are caused by cardiovascular diseases. In addition to congenital heart diseases, risk factors for cardiovascular diseases begin to develop in early childhood. 

This is why it is important to take precautions in early childhood to protect children's hearts in later life. Here is what you need to do to protect your children's little hearts against the factors that threaten their hearts.

Should Not Skip Meals

As a result of modern city life, children are rapidly moving away from regular eating habits.They often do not have the habit of having a regular breakfast every morning, and may prefer to eat junk food for lunch instead of vegetables.

However, while a healthy and balanced diet is critical for heart health, skipping meals should also be avoided.

Beware of Junk Food!

Children should also pay attention to the foods they consume while resting and studying during the day. Foods with high sugar content, chips and carbonated drinks should be avoided. Such foods and drinks seriously jeopardize cardiovascular health from a young age.

Avoid being overweight 

Today, the problem of overweight affects children as well as every age group in society. In recent years, the problem of overweight has started to be seen at a young age because children do not move enough and eat unhealthy diets. Such negative situations lead to obesity. Obesity in children is like an epidemic today. Therefore, it affects cardiovascular health in a very negative way.

It is important for children to be active 

With the impact of today's conditions, children's movements during the day have decreased significantly. Especially in metropolitan areas, children not walking at all is a big problem. You can encourage your children to use stairs instead of elevators. Safe walks are also important for cardiovascular health. 
Children should spend time and play in parks and gardens, not in shopping malls. For children to socialize and play, you should prefer wide, safe and open spaces, not narrow and closed places. 

Children should be introduced to sports habits 

Since children are closely related to technology, they now prefer to spend hours at home in front of technological devices instead of socializing outside. By keeping children away from screens for a while and limiting their screen time, you can direct them to a sport that they are interested in or talented in. 

You must fight stress!

Children may feel painful, overwhelmed and under intense stress due to exam anxiety, difficulties in social relationships, family pressure, and early adolescence. Nowadays, the age of depression is decreasing to childhood and this invites heart disease.