Is license Necessary to Rent A Car in Turkey?

And the answer for this is yes of course!

Is license Necessary to Rent A Car in Turkey?

The first rule of renting a car in Turkey is that the person must have a valid license. And this license must be obtained from the country. Foreign guests, can use a car with their license with a limit of 6 months.

For the uses over 6 months, they have to make a special application in order to transform their licenses to a Turkish one. These six months are calculated based on the entry stamp on their passport. For example, a foreigner who came to Turkey on the 1 of January 2021 can use a car with his license until the 1 of July 2021. If the 6 months period is exceeded while still using a car a legal measure will be taken against him.

Can Everyone Over the Age of 18 Rent A Car in Turkey?

No matter how much a person over the age of 18 is counted as an adult based on the law of the Republic of Turkey, 18 years isn’t enough for renting vehicle.

According to the applications to rent a car in Turkey a person must be over the age of 21. This rule is also, for Turkish citizens. That's why before researching the option of renting a car you have to pay attention to whether you fit the age rule or not.

Are There A Lot of Car Renting Companies in Turkey?

Renting a car in Turkey

Turkey is a very developed country in the car renting services sector. In every city of the country there is national and international car renting companies. Having offices in both the city center and the airport, these companies provide their services to national and foreign guests.  A lot of these companies provide a multilingual service as well. And thanks to the multilingual service done in both verbal communication and in paper communication, the service quality increases and contributes to a healthier communication.

What Is the Car Rental Terms in Turkey?

There are some criteria and procedures that the foreign national holding driving license must follow. First there must be an entry stamp on their passports from the airport. If the entry is done from a border the stamp process should be completed with the border authorities.

As stated above foreign nationals are free to use a car in Turkey with their driving licenses within max of 6 months. For people planning on using cars for more than 6 months they must have/get a driving license from the Republic of Turkey.

What Is the Car Rental Terms in Turkey?

There might be more requirements from the vehicle rental companies and insurance companies. To understand these requirements correctly you have to read the contract and the terms well. In Turkey and especially in the international vehicle rental companies there are contracts in English as well as many other languages. Having this detail in your minds while choosing a rental company can be very useful.

Aside from that while renting a car having your passport, and your driving license is compulsory.

Having a driving license isn’t enough, if you want to rent a car in A, B, or F groups you must have a one - year valid driving license.

Finally having a credit card in the car renting process is compulsory. This card must be valid in Turkey.

What should be considered while renting a vehicle?

First of all, the travelling plan plays a critical role in your car rental plan. You should make a car rental plan that fits your trips and you coming and leaving dates.

Aside from that choosing a vehicle in your vehicle renal is very important. You can make your choice based on the number of people. If plan on going to high places or using side roads in your trip, choosing a car focused on traction power would be right for you.

We recommend that while choosing a car keeping the parking convenience in the foreground as well.