Many women believe that larger breasts make them look more aesthetic and attractive. For this reason, women who think that their breasts are not big enough go in search of breast augmentation. Women who do not want to lose their naturalness while wanting to enlarge their breasts want to do this naturally. 
Although it is quite fast and easy to enlarge the breasts with various aesthetic operations, there may be those who want to stay away from these methods and enlarge their breasts naturally. So can breasts be enlarged naturally? What can be done for this? 

Breast exercises can be tried

When it comes to breast augmentation with natural methods, the first thing that comes to mind is breast exercises. Exercises can give the breasts a natural, smooth and aesthetic appearance. With regular breast exercises, the form of the breast can be corrected and a fuller and erect breast appearance can be achieved. The most commonly used breast exercise is bench press. 

You can use some sports equipment to do bench press. Developing the chest muscles can help the breasts become more prominent. However, you should not tire the muscles too much while bench pressing and you should do the movements exactly the right way. You can get support from a sports coach in this regard. 

Hormone control

The most important factor in breast size is hormones. Because issues such as the shape our body takes, the volume and size of the breasts are directly related to hormones. These hormones, which are produced in excess by the body at a young age, are produced less as puberty ends. At some point, the growth of the breasts may slow down and stop. 
Hormones such as growth hormones, estrogen or prolactin can be supplemented externally. However, doctors warn of side effects. Therefore, such hormone supplements are generally not recommended. It is better and healthier for the body to produce its own hormones naturally. 
You can balance your hormones by switching to a natural diet, avoiding genetically modified, processed foods and keeping chemicals out of your life as much as possible. This way, the body can produce as many hormones as needed in a healthy way. 

Using natural herbs

Plants are very important for human health. Plants are frequently used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors. Some herbal methods have also been tried to enlarge breasts naturally. 
There is a rumor that breasts are naturally enlarged with options such as red clover, fenugreek, sabal fruit. However, the side effects of this are not fully known and there is no medical proof. It is therefore not possible to make a recommendation on the subject.

Therefore, unfortunately, there is no proven method for breast augmentation with natural methods. Nowadays, breast implants can be made very successfully to obtain very natural, aesthetic looking and desired size breasts. 

Keeping in mind that women are beautiful in every body and in every way, we can recommend that women who still want large breasts should consult a plastic surgeon, noting that they look very beautiful and attractive with small breasts. 

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