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Turkey is privileged for Eye Treatment

Turkey is privileged for Eye Treatment

According to the researches, the primary preference of foreigners coming to Istanbul and Ankara in the field of health tourism is the treatment of eye diseases. Cornea transplantation, retina and laser treatment are among the priorities of foreign patients, especially from the Middle East and Europe. So what is the reason for this situation?

While closely following the latest technological developments in eye care services in Turkey, the ophthalmologists working in this field are able to adapt quite quickly to the technology of the day. This rapid adaptation also plays a major role in international patients' preference of the country.

High Success Rate in Cardiovascular Diseases

High Success Rate in Cardiovascular Diseases

The fact that world-renowned Turkish physicians are serving in the field of cardiovascular diseases, especially in Istanbul, enables international patients to prefer this city. Many cardiovascular operations such as coronary by-pass, valve surgeries, treatment of heart anomalies, and aneurysms are performed by experienced physicians in hospitals equipped with high technology in Istanbul.

Turkey is hosting one of the world's leading health cities in Heart and vascular disease thanks to surgeries performed with special methods that do not require a long stay in the hospital, without excess incision, and sometimes even medical interventions without surgery.

European Patients' Choice is  IVF and Infertility Treatment

European Patients' Choice is  IVF and Infertility Treatment

It is among the most successful institutions in the world in the field of in vitro fertilization centers in Istanbul. The first choice of people from Germany, Holland and Scandinavian countries who want to have children is usually private hospitals in Istanbul. European patients who want to have a child are also provided with services in the field of egg freezing due to the long waiting period for in vitro fertilization and the decrease in the possibility of conception after a certain age in Europe.

Antalya is Number One in Dental Treatment

Antalya is Number One in Dental Treatment

Antalya is one of Turkey's most important cities for health tourism like its popularity in marine tourism. During the COVID-19 pandemic that started and continues in 2020, the Mediterranean University Faculty of Dentistry is one of the most preferred places in terms of dental treatment by foreigners.

Akdeniz University Faculty of Dentistry, which serves its patients with its renovated building, hosts the leading dentistry services of the country with its state-of-the-art devices, 200 units, 3 operating rooms, and R&D laboratories.

Russia, Germany, Scandinavian countries, England and Australia are among the countries that show the most demand to the faculty, which cooperates with accredited health institutions and insurance companies especially abroad. Yes, patients come to Antalya for dental treatment even from 12,000 kilometers by plane. The completion of the operation in a short time allows the patients to enjoy the sea and the sun in Antalya for the remaining time.

In addition to dental problems, Akdeniz University Faculty of Dentistry, where operations such as aesthetic dental prosthesis, seamless implant and tooth whitening are successfully performed,  will continue to maintain its place among the most important dental hospitals in the world in the coming years with its successful staff, affordable price policy and the building equipped with the latest technology.

The Capital of Hair Transplantation and Botox is Istanbul

Hair Transplantation

Turkey and especially the city of Istanbul, is one of the plantation areas in the country which is the world's most preferred.

Specialized health care institutions in the field of hair transplantation, world-renowned doctors in this area, higher patient satisfaction, as appropriate pricing policy factors are among the factors behind Turkey's success in this area.

The advantageous position of currencies such as Dollar, Euro and Sterling against Turkish Lira enables many patients, especially from the Middle East and Europe, to buy plane tickets to Istanbul! 1 root hair transplant cost about 5 euros in a good hair transplant center in Europe while the average price in Turkey at the level of 2 euros.

The Capital of Botox is Istanbul

The highest demand for hair, beard and eyebrow transplantation comes from Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Libya and Iraq. In addition, Istanbul is the first choice of many foreign patients from England and Germany for hair transplantation.

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Turkey is one of the countries heavily visited on issues such as hair transplantation as well as Botox, lip fillers (liposuction), breast surgery, tummy tuck, nose and chin aesthetics.

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As a result

It's not just the branches we say here, Turkey is among the countries most preferred by international patients in all branches of the service . In this article, we haven't even mentioned the fact that university hospitals in Istanbul and Antalya are seen as the most important organ transplant centers in the world in the field of organ transplantation.

To sum up,  Turkey is of one the world's most important countries in health tourism as well as the history and nature tourism. The quality of the medical education in Turkey, significant contributions of Turkish doctors to the medical literature, to be followed the technology  closely by the health institution in Turkey and being healthcare services  in Turkey a highly competitive level in comparison with European countries are  effective in this situation. You can browse our content in this area to get more information about health services in Turkey.