Causes of Root Canal Treatment

The most common cause of root canal treatment is tooth decay. The nerve or pulp of a tooth can be destroyed, inflamed, and infected by deep caries, a crack or fracture in the tooth, or facial trauma.

Dangers of Root Canal Treatment

One of the potential risks of root canal treatment is that it can weaken the tooth and make it more susceptible to damage in the future. In fact, during the procedure, the diseased or damaged pulp is removed, along with the nerves and blood vessels that supply the tooth. This can cause the tooth to become brittle and more likely to crack or break.
Another potential risk of root canal treatment is the risk of infection. Although the system was designed to eliminate the disease, there is always a risk of bacteria remaining behind, leading to the progression of the disease. In rare cases, the infection can spread to the surrounding tissue, causing a serious condition called dental caries.

Things to Consider After Root Canal Treatment

Some conditions to be considered while observing a gradual improvement in teeth after root canal treatment:

  • It is necessary to avoid biting hard or crusty foods until the root canal treatment is finished.
  • It is important to continue with daily dental cleaning without interruption. Considering the sensitivity of the teeth, it is necessary to ensure that the teeth are cleaned by brushing at least 2 times a day with circular movements and gently. Maintaining daily dental cleaning is essential for both post-canal treatment and general oral health.
  • To prevent possible infections after root canal treatment, it is necessary to floss at least once a day. The use of dental floss is necessary for oral health, as is the use of a toothbrush. When starting to use dental floss, you can benefit from the recommendations of the dentist suitable for your mouth and tooth structure.
  • After the treatment, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of sticky and sugary foods for a while. Sugars are one of the most important causes of dental caries. Sugar consumption should be limited for both oral and whole body health. Sugar is not only in products such as chocolate and wafers; It is found in many beverages and packaged products.
  • After endodontic treatment, pain relievers or sprays recommended by the physician should be used regularly. If the painkillers or sprays used do not reduce the pain, you can consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Alternatives to Root Canal Treatment

Saving your natural teeth is the best possible treatment option. Your natural teeth allow you to effectively digest the wide variety of foods needed to maintain proper nutrition.

The only alternative to the root canal procedure is to remove the tooth and replace it with a bridge, implant, or removable partial denture to restore chewing function and prevent slipping of adjacent teeth. This causes much longer sessions and puts more financial and moral burden on the patient.