Satiriasis is the name given to a disorder in which men cannot control their sexual urges. Since the person cannot resist the need for constant sexual intercourse, sexual conversation or sexual meetings with different partners, this disease is considered in the category of addiction. The term satiriasis refers to sexual insatiability for men. For women, the term nymphomania is used. If you are curious about nymphomania, you can find information below the article.

Although hypersexuality is seen as a source of pride among men, it has great harm to the person. The person moves away from concepts such as work life and social life and thinks only of sexuality. In sex addiction, where problems such as isolation from society and introversion are observed over time, anxiety awaits people in the progressive process. 

The personalities of hypersexual men are usually narcissistic, egoistic, unable to come to trouble, easily depressed and open to addiction. They like to feel sorry for themselves towards life and people. They have a bad relationship with their fellow men because their only connection to social life is sexuality and they spend all their time having sex with women. They are not selective about these women, so they are not looking for a specific profile.

Is there a cause for satiriasis? Is satiriasis congenital?

Satiriasis has both psychological and physiological causes. It has been observed that traumas experienced in childhood usually trigger this condition more.  We can exemplify it as the effort of children who try to prove themselves to their parents when they are children, to prove themselves by constantly conquering other bodies when they grow up. Generally, in cases where the trust and love expected from the family is not received as a child, boys try to fill this gap with every woman they have sexual intercourse with when they grow up. They aim to be approved and loved by different women. Since they cannot reach enough pleasure, they cannot be satisfied and try their luck with the next woman. 

We mentioned that there are some biological causes of satiriasis. Many health problems such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, hormonal changes, head traumas, stroke can trigger Satiriasis. A problem in the frontal lobe, the healthy thinking center of the brain, can also cause hypersexuality. 

Does satiriasis affect a man's life badly?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is yes. We can list some of the problems caused by satiriasis as follows;

  • Since every woman they see is a sexual object to be discovered for them, they have problems creating a social environment. 
  • Since they are constantly sexually oriented, they cannot spare time for their work and social life and this affects their status in a bad way.
  • They have problems establishing regular relationships. Because of their constant need to change partners, they cannot establish a healthy relationship and become internally depressed.
  • Premature ejaculation, erection problems, and late ejaculation problems are frequently observed.
  • Since they cannot feel the sense of relief experienced by healthy individuals in cases of ejaculation, the tense mood persists and anxiety may begin if they do not receive treatment in time.
  • Due to frequent partner change, the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV (Aids) and syphilis is high.
  • Since they have personality traits prone to addiction, other types of addiction other than sexuality may develop. 
  • Since they cannot satisfy their need for satisfaction, their depressive and pessimistic moods become permanent. They are more likely to experience advanced depression and old age risks.
  • People with hypersexuality disorder fail to discipline themselves and fight against stress because they have too many emotional transitions. This reduces the quality of life and can lead to depression.

Can satiriasis be cured?

Satiriasis is a treatable disease. The process can be challenging, but you should keep in mind that treatment is possible and will improve your quality of life. 

You should definitely consult a doctor, being aware that avoiding the doctor or treatment will harm both you and the people who love you. Do not forget that many people like you who suffer from this condition are treated by consulting a doctor; they can have a healthy and regular life. Knowing that all the information you share with your doctor is confidential on the basis of doctor-patient confidentiality, you should share every thought and problem openly and in detail so that they can find the right treatment.

As with other mental disorders, treatment of satiriasis requires individualized treatment. By combining both psychological treatment and medication, a treatment is determined by the doctor and the person is subject to control. In addition, group therapies applied in addiction treatments may be recommended.

The treatment to be applied is selected under the observation of 3 different doctors: neurologist, psychiatrist and psychologist. 

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