Special Covid-19 Measures for Foreigners Living in Turkey

  • 28.05.2022
Covid – 19 pandemic which left its mark on the year 2020 and shacked the whole world, has changed the life practices of the human kind from its roots. This virus which caused the death of 2,5 million humans as of march 2021 will continue being a part of our lives for a while. In this process countries made a lot of new bans and regulations in order to fight the spread of the epidemic. Therefore we prepared you the struggles and applications that Turkey has applied from day one till today in order to fight the covid – 19 pandemic spread. Before we go into our article, we need to inform you about somethings. Measures taken under corona virus pandemic change and gets updated regularly. In order to access the most up to date information on this topic you can visit the web page of Health Ministry.
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Virus was first seen in China’s Wuhan city in December of 2019, after that spreading rapidly all around the globe. The virus which when its name was first heard wasn’t taken seriously by people and countries administrations, has managed to spread around the world in a speed that no virus has managed to spread with ever before. Turkey has started to take its first measures against corona virus in January. While an operation center against corona virus was being established in the Health Ministry, a corona virus scientific board was established to provide consultancy to the government. In January and in cooperation with the board the Health Ministry has prepared the first guide for covid – 19. When it came to the end of January passengers coming from countries like China, America, Russia started getting their fever measured in airports, borders and etc. And in the same dates it has prepared special warning documents for passengers travelling from Turkey to China. Due to the rising cases in china at the same time Turkish airlines has announced that it has stopped all of its flights to China. As for February flights were stopped with Iraq, Italy, South Korea on both sides mutually.
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