So, what kind of health care system is behind these successful health services? We have compiled Hospital types in Turkey in this article For you. By reading this article, you can get detailed information about the types and differences of hospitals in Turkey.

What is a Hospital?

What is a Hospital?

In order to understand Hospital types, it is primarily necessary to know exactly what the hospital concept corresponds to. A hospital is a facility that provides medical care to patients and therefore can treat them as inpatients or outpatients depending on their needs. Hospitals have been used for a variety of purposes in history (religious, social, etc.).

Hospitals now offer high-quality facilities equivalent to those offered in five-star hotels. Health tourism and globalized health care services are also offered by these hospitals that specialize in various fields and stand out for their specialized services.

In today's world, hospitals are categorized according to different criteria. The first of these are hospitals divided according to the types of services.

Hospitals By Service Types

Hospitals By Service Types

Hospitals in Turkey are divided into three, according to their service types. In making this distinction, the branches that hospitals serve are kept at the forefront. Hospital types divided into three according to service types are also divided into sub-branches within themselves.

  1. General Hospitals: The name; "General Hospitals" means the hospital that serves its patients in each and every branch. These hospitals provide health care service to their patients in emergency and daily outpatient services. General hospitals that have specialist doctors in each branch should also have the equipment to perform surgical intervention if necessary.

The Ministry of Health of The Republic of Turkey provides second-line inpatient treatment services in general hospitals. According to the definition of the ministry; general hospitals are defined as inpatient and outpatient treatment institutions where all kinds of patients including emergency cases are admitted, regardless of age and gender, and where inpatient treatment is performed.

General hospitals in Turkey have the largest proportion of inpatient treatment institutions in quantity.

  1. Teaching Hospitals:

Teaching Hospitals:

"Teaching Hospitals" are the name given to hospitals that host a medical school. Medical personnel working in the field of medicine (doctor, specialist doctor, nurse, laboratory technician, etc.) in these institutions, in addition to education, teaching & training, and research activities, also provide treatment and care to patients. Teaching hospitals are with inpatient capacity and able to intervene in emergency situations and can perform surgical operations. Medical schools of Universities and research hospitals are included in this category.

Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Hospital and Ege University Faculty of Medicine Hospital, which they are both one of the most successful hospitals in Turkey, are under this category. These hospitals welcome patients both from within the country and from foreign countries.

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey offers third-line health services through teaching hospitals.

  1. Special Branch Hospitals: Set by the Ministry; patients with certain diseases, in certain age groups, or on organs and transplants category are called special branch hospitals. These hospitals specialize in special areas and serve only in that area. Heart and Pulmonology Hospitals, Oncology Hospitals, Obstetrics Hospitals, Kidney Hospitals, and Bone Hospitals are all examples of special branch hospitals.

There are many successful special branch hospitals in Turkey specializing in different fields.

Hospitals By Patient Stay Length

Hospitals By Patient Stay Length

Hospitals in Turkey are also categorized according to the duration of the patients' stay. Hospitals are divided into three, according to the duration of the patients' stay.

  1. Outpatient Centers: Daily health services are also provided in these centers where patients are treated as an outpatient. According to the patient's health status; in critical cases and during the observation period, the patient is accepted. The patient's health status is monitored and, if necessary, the patient is referred to other hospitals for short-term or long-term stays.
  2. Short-Term Staying Hospitals: Hospitals that accept patients when less than 30 days of treatment are involved are included in this category. General and special branch hospitals fall under this category.
  3. Long-Term Staying Hospitals: Hospitals that accept patients for treatments lasting more than 30 days are included in this category.

Hospitals Classified By Number of Beds

Another categorization type is based on the number of beds available in hospitals. In the categorization of hospitals based on the number of beds, not only the number of beds, but also the medical personnel and technical equipment at the forefront.

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