Women's hair, one of their most precious jewels, has required them to spend a lot of time and money throughout their lives. It is known that women have been taking great care of their hair since the early ages of history. In the past, there were dozens of women who died of poisoning by applying lead to their skin for the sake of their beauty, and the fashion master Mary Amelia Celil, who died because of her hair, only wanted beauty. Mary Amelia Celil was a fashion icon with a penchant for meter-long hairstyles, but this love led to her death. In 1835, her extravagant and long hairstyle was accidentally ignited by the flame of a chandelier, causing her to close her eyes.

After talking about the importance of hair in human life, let's talk about hair loss. The human body is a self-renewal-oriented organism. In the same way, hair falls out after completing its life. The average duration of a hair is 4-6 years and after the hair that has completed this period falls out, your body will replace it with another one. On average, there are 100 thousand hairs on the human head. Considering these rates, it is normal for 80-100 hairs to fall out in a day. If you observe hair loss above the rate we mentioned, you should definitely consult a doctor.

What is female pattern hair loss?

Unlike what happens in men, instead of opening from the forehead in women, female pattern hair loss progresses by thinning in the center parting line. This problem is more common especially in middle-aged and older women. As in men, even if you can slow down this process by using natural treatment options, medical treatment is required as it will not have a permanent effect. 

Until hair loss, which brings many psychological problems with it, is diagnosed, care products that require huge costs are used. Instead of this wasted cost, if early diagnosis and treatment is applied in a quality center, the hair loss problem can be treated in a few courses. In other words, hair loss in women is a treatable condition. 

What triggers hair loss?

There are many reasons that trigger hair loss in women. Improper eating habits, medications, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormonal problems and the birth process trigger hair loss. At the same time, choosing the wrong cosmetic products is one of the reasons that increase hair loss. 

It is quite easy to make corrections in external factors such as drug use and vitamin deficiency, and after an average of 4-6 months after these changes are made, hair loss will visibly decrease. So you need to be patient to observe this process. 

Hair styling products covering your scalp for a long time or not cleaning it properly can damage your scalp, so if there is a product you apply to your hair during the day, it is important to take care that it does not stay on your hair for a long time. Likewise, you should carefully check whether the cosmetic products you use are for your needs.

If you realize that hair loss is not caused by external factors, examine other causes. For example, hair loss is normal during pregnancy. However, there may be a hair loss that starts 2-3 months after birth. This should not scare you. Sometimes hair that does not fall out during pregnancy can suddenly fall out all together. When you consult your doctor on the subject, he will recommend some supplements and this will be enough to get rid of your discomfort. You can read this article for what you wonder about hair loss during pregnancy; Hair Loss During Pregnancy and Its Treatment

What should be considered when choosing shampoo for hair loss?

First of all, you need to understand what your hair needs. If you have dandruff on your scalp, you should put the shine of your hair in second place and use dandruff shampoo as the first choice. After getting rid of the dandruff problem, you can choose a shampoo that will make your hair look brighter. 

Do not continue to use shampoos for dandruff hair despite getting rid of dandruff. The pH balance of shampoos produced for dandruff hair is different from normal shampoos. In cases of using dandruff shampoo, you can observe that the dye in the hair flows faster than normal shampoo.

Although hair loss can be a sign of big problems, you should first pay attention to cleanliness. You cannot keep your hair clean by washing it constantly or using more shampoo will not make your hair healthier. The important thing is to meet the needs of the hair. In this process, you should reduce the chemical ratio as much as possible. Applying too many chemicals to your scalp, which is already likely to be sensitized, may return to you as hair loss. It will be beneficial to choose shampoos that do not contain paraben, silicone and sulfate substances.