Have you ever wondered why men's shampoos and women's shampoos are produced separately? Because although the needs of both creatures seem similar, they are actually completely different. Expectations and desires also take on different forms due to needs. Although hair loss is understood as a single issue, it is useful to consider it in two separate areas as male pattern and female pattern hair loss. 

There are quite a lot of reasons for hair loss. Although many reasons trigger hair loss, including seasonal changes, stress, weather changes, changes in the chlorine content in the water and iron deficiency, it is of great importance to determine what causes hair loss. Since your hair loss can also be caused by a serious illness, you should definitely seek medical advice.

How do I know if it is caused by a serious problem?

Considering human nature, on average, there are 100 thousand hairs on a human head. The human body continues to replace outdated and lost hair for a lifetime. Considering this physiological process, hair loss between 50-100 strands per day is considered normal. 

This hair loss will generally occur in the shower or while combing your hair. This should not scare you at all. If you think that there is more hair loss than these numbers, you should definitely consult your doctor. 

Keep in mind that the medications you take, your diet and even your sleep can significantly affect hair loss. Therefore, include these details in your consultation with your doctor.

Main causes of male pattern hair loss

In men, hereditary-based hair loss, which usually progresses with age, starts with the enlargement of the forehead. Then hair thinning is observed at the vertex. This condition, which usually progresses gradually, stresses the person and may cause other problems in the body anatomy. 

Another important issue other than genetic transmission is the use of medication. Although cancer drugs are the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to hair loss with the use of medication, we have to say that some drugs that you may not even think of cause hair loss. If you are using blood pressure medications and blood thinners and have observed an increase in your hair loss, you should definitely consult your doctor about this issue.

Is there a way to stop hair loss?

Hair loss, like all other anomalies, is a treatable condition if diagnosed early. It should be noted that the treatment to stop this loss, which progresses to baldness, is a lifelong treatment. For this reason, most men wait for the hair to fall out completely and have procedures such as prosthetic hair in order to gain an aesthetic appearance. Other men who are uncomfortable with the sparseness of their hair prefer hair transplantation, which means that you will not need to wait for all your hair to fall out.

Turkey has become a major destination in terms of hair transplantation and health tourism, contributing to the widespread use of hair transplantation procedures. The Turkish Health Tourism Association said that more than 1 million tourists had hair transplantation procedures in Turkey in 2022. Moreover, these figures are increasing exponentially every year and it seems that Turkey will take the lead in hair transplantation. If you are considering hair transplantation in Turkey, these articles may give you ideas; Hair transplant: Hair vacation experience in Turkiye

Care oils that prevent hair loss and grow new hair

You can support hair loss with nutrition, but you can also support it by using external care oils. A clean and healthy hair follicle means less hair loss. First of all, you should pay close attention to the cleanliness of your hair. Since styling products cover the hair follicles, they prevent the skin from breathing. Therefore, try to prevent such products from staying in your hair for too long. 

After cleaning your hair, you can use products such as almond oil, coconut oil, yılang yılang oil, pine turpentine oil and lavender oil. These oils nourish the scalp and care for the hair follicle. Moreover, these oils are very easy to obtain. You can find them in almost all grocery stores.

The oils we recommend above are for hair loss that is not caused by genetic factors. Likewise, if men with vitamin deficiency take vitamin supplements, their hair loss will be alleviated. To reiterate, the vitamins you take or the oil you apply will not eliminate hair loss caused by gene ethical transfer. You will only care for it.