Patients who have had health and cosmetic issues for a long time as a result of missing teeth can now achieve a healthy mouth structure and an attractive appearance easily thanks to implant technology. In this article, we will discuss implant treatment and include answers to the question "How to Get an Implant in Turkey?"

What is an Implant?

What is an Implant?

Bridge and prosthesis treatments were used in the past to replace damaged or missing teeth in the mouth. Patients were not fully satisfied, however, due to the long-term negative effects of these treatments and their wear over time. With the start of implant treatments, it is now possible to claim that serious progress has been made in this field.

An implant is a treatment for missing teeth. Dentists apply it by inserting a screw into the jawbone at the site of the missing tooth. Doctors attach a dental prosthesis to this screw to replace the missing tooth. Titanium is used to make these screws. This is due to the fact that titanium adapts rapidly to oral tissue and the tissue easily accepts it.

The placed implant functions similar to the root of the tooth and can act as a basic foundation of the dental prosthesis.

Who Can Benefit From an Implant Treatment?

One of the biggest advantages of implant treatment is that it can be applied to anyone who has passed the age of 18 and has completed oral and jaw development. Doctors first take an X-ray of the mouth and jaw to check the suitability of the bone structure for the implant. Then, Implant treatment can then be applied to the patient according to eligibility.

Who are not Suitable for an Implant?

Implants are a treatment option that can't be used in certain circumstances. To apply implants to diabetic patients, for example, the patient must meet certain criteria prior to treatment.

Also, patients who use some medications like blood thinners, etc. should not use these medications for a while before and after the procedure.

In addition, another group that has problems with implant application is patients with osteoporosis. A separate procedure should be followed for these patients due to some changes in the structure of the jawbone that they may experience during and after treatment.

How is The Implant Applied?

How is The Implant Applied?

In the minds of many patients, implant treatment seems to be a terrifying procedure. Therefore, it is important to note that local anesthesia is applied to the area during the implant procedure, and in some cases, the patient is given low doses of narcosis.

Doctors conduct a thorough examination prior to the operation. An X-ray of the mouth and jaw area is taken. They take measurements of the jawbones and existing teeth during these shots. Then it's determined if the operation will be a one-stage or two-stage process. Some jaw forms can be treated in a single session, while others can be treated in two sessions with a six-month interval between them.

What is Zirconium Implant?

Implants are made of titanium, as previously mentioned. Zirconium implants, on the other hand, have become more common in recent years. Zirconium implants are a modern product used to make titanium implants more resistant. With its white appearance close to the tooth, zirconium material also offers a more aesthetic appearance. This material, which has no adverse effects on human health, does not fade in color over time. This type of implant has become more common in recent years among patients with narrow jawbones.

What are The Benefits of Getting an Implant?

What are The Benefits of Getting an Implant?

Implant treatment, which has been preferred by many people in recent years, has many advantages. First of all, unlike other treatment methods, there is no harm to other teeth. It does not require cutting or filing of other teeth.

Since the implant procedure provides the tooth with an artificial root, the patient has no difficulty eating or speaking. In terms of jaw health, it is a holistic treatment procedure. The implant, in addition to filling the void left by the tooth base, also closes the gap in the jawbone.

The implant's cosmetic quality is one of its most significant advantages. Implants that resemble natural teeth are embedded in the jawbone and appear natural. At the same time, a positive change is observed in the diction of the patients after the treatment as the tooth deficiency is eliminated by the implant.

Missing teeth in the mouth cause difficulty in eating in most patients, also hygiene of empty areas opens the door to different diseases in some patients. Thanks to Implant treatment, patients can eat much more comfortably and have better oral hygiene.

Unlike other treatment options, implants last a long time. Unless otherwise, they can be used for life. The success rate of implant treatments around the world is close to 100%.

How to Take Care of The Implant Area?

As with any dental operation, it is very important to pay attention to oral hygiene after implant treatment. In the post-treatment process, soft-surface toothbrushes should be preferred. At the same time, the doctor's advice on issues such as floss and mouthwash should be carefully listened too.

Implant Treatment in Turkey

Implant treatment is one of the most preferred dental operations in the world and is also practiced quite often in Turkey. Turkey is among the most successful countries in implant treatment with a success rate of 98%. In Turkey, there are health agencies that serve in the field of Health, approved by the ministry. Through these agencies, international patients can meet with dentists and related experts for their needs. Before arriving in the country, the patient can receive an idea and an estimated treatment plan by transmitting oral and jaw X-rays to the doctor.