Burnout syndrome can be defined as physical, mental and emotional exhaustion caused by intense and prolonged stress. It can make you feel bored, tired and emotionally exhausted, thinking that you are unable to meet any demand from your environment. As this feeling and emotional state continues, the person may experience loss of motivation. 
As the person loses motivation, productivity may decrease and they may start to feel low in energy. It is even possible to feel helpless and hopeless. 
Burnout syndrome can affect family and social relationships and can be reflected in all areas of life and negatively affect the quality of life of the person. Burnout syndrome also affects the immune system and can lead to certain diseases. 
Many people spend their waking hours working. When a person does not like their job and is not satisfied with their work, they start to experience burnout syndrome. This can have serious effects on every aspect of their life.

Symptoms of burnout syndrome

The symptoms of burnout syndrome can vary depending on the stage of the situation you are in. The 3 most important symptoms can be listed as follows: 

  • A feeling of exhaustion
  • Depersonalization
  • Declining personal achievements

Sense of exhaustion

People who experience exhaustion may feel physical fatigue in their bodies. Their energy is depleted over time. 


Along with the feeling of depersonalization, there is also a feeling of numbness. The feeling of indifference intensifies by avoiding communicating with people. 

Decrease in personal achievements

When a person becomes unable to do work over time due to the stress experienced, a decrease in personal achievements is observed. The work that the person used to enjoy before starts to no longer give pleasure and may lead to loss of creativity and concentration. 

The physical, behavioral and emotional symptoms of burnout syndrome can be listed as follows:

Physical symptoms

  • Feeling tired
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Change in appetite
  • Headache or muscle pain

Emotional symptoms

  • Lack of motivation
  • Feelings of self-doubt
  • Feelings of failure or loneliness
  • A general feeling of dissatisfaction

Behavioral symptoms

  • Social isolation
  • Failure to fulfill responsibilities
  • Work-related outbursts of anger

Causes of burnout syndrome 

  • Time pressure
  • Lack of communication and support from a manager
  • Lack of clarity in its role
  • Unmanageable workload
  • Unfair treatment

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