Cellulite is a common problem for the majority of women who do not exercise regularly, do not pay attention to their diet or have given birth. The wrinkled and dimpled appearance on the skin surface is called cellulite. It is also called orange peel appearance. Cellulite can also be seen in men, but it is predominantly seen in women. The main reason is diet and lifestyle. It is possible to treat cellulite with creams, massages and exercises, but it may not be a permanent and short-term solution. 

Cellulite can be defined as irregular surface and dimpling caused by increased fat cells in the thighs, buttocks

and abdomen. It is usually seen in older ages and women. There are 3 different degrees of cellulite:  


  • In first-degree cellulite, the bumpy appearance resembling an orange peel becomes evident with the compression of the skin.  The appearance of cellulite is not noticeable when standing and lying down.
  • Second-degree cellulite becomes evident on the skin when standing for a long time and crossing the legs. On the compressed skin, orange surface bumps appear.
  • Third-degree cellulite is evident in a horizontal position, not when sitting and squeezed. These cellulites can cause pain. This painful condition can be seen in menopausal women. It usually occurs in the thighs of the legs, abdomen, arm hips and buttocks.

What Causes Cellulite?

Some obvious causes of cellulite are hormonal changes, genetic factors, weight gain or weight loss, unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, caffeinated beverages, carbohydrate diet, intensive salt use. Apart from these, tight clothes and sitting too much can also cause cellulite. In addition, the most important cause of cellulite is shock diets. These diets, which are defined as 600-800 kkal diets with less than 1000 kkal, can cause some damage to every organ of the body. 'Shock diets', which cause rapid loss of muscle tissue, also increase the likelihood of osteoporosis by causing a decrease in bone mineralization. In addition, posture and sitting disorders and flat feet are thought to cause cellulite.

How Does Cellulite Go Away? 

In order to reduce the appearance of cellulite caused by fat tissue accumulated in the body, a lifestyle change using a combination of treatment options such as exercise, diet and laser treatment will be effective. Appropriate sports recommended during and after weight loss for body tightening are important in cellulite treatment. Especially devices that work with massage logic accelerate blood circulation in the long term and reduce accumulated fat tissue. If sports and diet are not effective, devices and procedures focusing on deformed fat tissue and surgical (liposuction) options can be considered.

However, detailed research should be done on this subject and expert opinion should be sought. If you have cellulite problems and this situation negatively affects your quality of life, you should definitely consult your doctor.