Gastric Botox is a Botox procedure applied to the muscles in the inner parts of the stomach. Thanks to this botox, the contraction of the muscles is prevented and the feeling of satiety lasts longer as the stomach is emptied and digested later. In addition, satiety lasts longer as the botox procedure prevents the release of hunger hormone from the stomach. 

Gastric Botox is the method with the lowest risk rate among weight loss methods. 

It is a method applied for patients who do not need surgery. It is not considered as surgery, it is an injection application. In order to benefit from this application, the body mass index should not be more than 40. The success rate decreases for people with high obesity levels. 

The application takes 20 minutes on average. The stomach is entered through endoscopy and it is checked whether there are ulcers or gastritis in the stomach that will prevent the operation. If there is no contrary situation, the procedure is completed by filling an average of 40 different points in the inner part of the stomach.

What is the difference between gastric balloon and gastric botox?

In gastric botox, side effects such as nausea are not seen because a foreign body is not placed in the stomach as in the gastric balloon. In gastric balloon, nausea can be seen as a side effect from time to time. In addition, although gastric botox is not surgery, it can cause weight loss as much as obesity surgery.