Hands, just like the face, are one of the parts of our body that are most open to external factors. For this reason, it is very important that the care shown to the face is also shown to the hands periodically. It should not be forgotten that hands always need care and attention. Both hygienically and aesthetically, care and regular cleaning of hands and nails are important. Because especially nails can carry more than one disease. 

In addition, hands cannot be aesthetically rejuvenated by surgical intervention. Therefore, hand care is of greater importance. It should become a routine and habit to use moisturizer regularly daily in hand care.
In addition, since it is not possible to rejuvenate the hands aesthetically by surgical means, hand care becomes more important. Using moisturizer regularly every day in hand care not only maintains a well-groomed appearance, but also increases the resistance of the hands against external influences such as heat, cold, sun, smoke, detergent, soap and similar.

In addition, weekly peels remove dead tissue on the hands and refresh the skin against the risk of staining that may occur due to the sun or old age. Applying sunscreen in the same way as it is applied to the face in summer is important to protect the hands from photoaging (sun-induced aging). 

Cutting the nails correctly and cleaning the flesh on the edge of the nail without cutting is very important in terms of both appearance and health. In incorrectly performed manicures, the flesh that is naturally found on the edges of the nail and protects the living part of the nail from external influences and infections can be removed deeper.

This situation causes the nail bed and consequently the finger to become open to all kinds of external influences from the tip to the depths after a while. In medical hand care performed by specialists, this flesh is pushed back without cutting.

The particles remaining on the nail are also removed with the help of special tips. Not cutting the flesh on the edge of the nail and not working deeper each time also prevents the clawing appearance on the nails that are manicured for a long time. 

Ingrown nails, fungal growth, deformations and nail thickening can be seen on the nails of the hands. In order to correct the aesthetic appearance, prosthetic / gel nails can be applied to the problem nails. Hand care performed by specialists at appropriate intervals, in a hygienic environment, with sterile devices gives healthy results.