There are various opinions and medical recommendations about the ideal age for circumcision surgery. What do the age groups mean for children who will be circumcised?

Newborn Period (0-1 Month):

Advantages: Neonatal circumcision is advantageous because the healing process is faster and babies have low mobility. Also, babies may have a higher pain threshold during this period.

Medical Support: The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has stated that neonatal circumcision has some health benefits, but does not routinely recommend it for all babies.

First 6 Months:

Benefits: Babies still have limited mobility and post-circumcision care may be easier. Also, surgical risks are lower.

Medical Opinion: Some experts say that the first 6 months is an appropriate time for circumcision.

Between 2-5 Years of Age:

Disadvantages: This age range is a time when children may have high levels of anxiety. Post-operative care may become more difficult and psychological effects may be more pronounced.

Medical Opinion: It is recommended to avoid circumcision in this age group because children may consciously experience pain and fear.

5-7 Years of Age:

Advantages: Children are more aware during the preschool period and can accept simple explanations of why circumcision is performed.

Medical Opinion: This age group can be considered a suitable period for circumcision because children have a better response to anesthesia and recovery is fast.

Pre-Puberty (10-12 Years):

Advantages: Children are physically stronger and the healing process can be faster. Post-operative care is easier because children can understand and follow instructions better.

Medical Opinion: This period is also considered appropriate for circumcision.

The ideal age for circumcision surgery is usually considered to be the neonatal period because the healing process is fast and the risk of complications is low. However, in line with cultural, religious and family preferences, the periods between 0-6 months and 5-7 years of age can also be considered as appropriate times. In any case, it is important that circumcision is performed by a specialist and necessary medical precautions are taken.

It is very important to prepare the psychology for children who will be circumcised. Because circumcision is a surgical operation, it may cause some anxiety disorders in children and may lead to psychological problems in later ages. There are some things you need to consider to prepare the child's psychology for circumcision. You can review the article we have prepared for you; "5 steps to prepare the child's psyche for circumcision"