Your equipment that will make you feel safe while reaching the peaks of sexual pleasure and help you live the moment without anything else on your mind; condom.

Condoms are one of the most preferred methods of birth control. In addition, its protection from sexually transmitted diseases is very useful for polygamous people. So what should you pay attention to when using condoms that are so important? What should you pay attention to when buying condoms? Let's talk about these...

How to use a condom?

The self-tearing rate of condoms is one percent. If you want to prevent tearing or damage due to external factors, do not keep piercing and cutting tools where you store them.

The right time to put on a condom is just before the penis touches the vagina. If you put on a condom halfway through intercourse, you lose protection for contraception and protection against virus transmission. So there is no point in wearing a condom after intercourse has started. 

After the penis becomes erect and reaches its full length, you should put the condom on the head and roll it to the end so that it does not slip off during sexual intercourse. Do not forget to leave the sperm gap at the end of the condom. If the condom does not wrap the penis very well, full protection cannot be expected. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the size preference when choosing a condom.

If you realize that you put the condom on the wrong surface while putting the condom on the penis, you should not use this condom again. Since any infection on the tip of the penis will be transmitted to the other party in this way, you should destroy this condom and open a new condom.

When the sexual intercourse comes to an end and ejaculation is achieved, the penis should be removed from the vagina without losing its erection, otherwise the penis will shrink in the condom and there may be a risk of leakage. In addition, since the penis remains smaller than the condom, it may peel off when removing it and the condom may get stuck in the vagina. 

If you are going to use a lubricant with a condom, make sure that it is not cosmetic products such as vaseline or baby oil. Such cosmetic products can damage the latex structure of the condom and pose unexpected risks. If you are going to use lubricant, it will be safer if you buy a lubricant product suitable for use with condoms.

What should be considered when choosing a condom?

If you are going to buy condoms for anal intercourse, it is useful to specify this when buying. Not every condom is suitable for anal intercourse. Special and more durable condoms are recommended for anal sex. In this way, tearing and possible health problems can be prevented.

Pay attention to condom expiration dates! Since the protective properties of expired condoms may decrease, you may be at great risk. 

We have said that if you do not pay attention to the size when choosing a condom, you can invite problems, so how do you choose the condom size?

  • 5 cm wide, small condom for a 16 cm long penis,
  • 6.5 cm wide, 18 cm long standard condom for penis,
  • For a 7.5 cm wide, 22 cm long penis, you can use a large condom.

If you do not find the right size, the condom may tear or leak sperm because it is too big.