Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital


98.000 m2 Closed Area

Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital provides service in a closed area of 98 thousand m2 with a capacity of 350 beds, 18 operating rooms, 75 intensive care beds and a parking lot for 550 vehicles.

Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment Units are on the Same Floor

In Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital, where patient comfort stands out with a special hospital architecture, time is saved by minimizing the circulation of patients between units. In many specialized units and polyclinics such as Breast Health Unit, Ophthalmology Unit, Spine Health Unit, Neurological Sciences Unit, Neuroradiosurgery Unit, Oral and Dental Health Unit; examination, diagnosis and treatment are planned and applied in the same place. Thus, patients receive comfortable service in a short time.

Ahead of Today, Beyond Imagination!

Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital is at your service with its unique architecture, well-equipped infrastructure, expert staff and up-to-date technology.

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Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital

Acıbadem Healthcare Group's 21st hospital opened its doors in March 2017 in Altunizade district. Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital includes many specialized units with its technical infrastructure, medical technology, healthcare professionals specialized in all branches and a multidisciplinary approach.
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