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It is the method applied to replace missing teeth with dentures. A dental implant is a dental implant that is used to replace the tooth root. It is a surgical method applied to mimic a natural tooth.

Dental Prosthesis

It is a method applied in tooth deficiency and diseases of the gums. By filling the cavities of the pulled tooth, the functions of eating and drinking and talking are restored and it is aimed to give an aesthetic appearance.

Invisalign (Transparent Plaque)

A comfortable treatment is performed with these plaques, which are used as the use of braces, which are orthodontic interventions, and because they create aesthetic difficulties.

Teeth Whitening

Yellowing of tooth color due to food and hormonal reasons is the method applied due to color opening. It is aimed to give teeth a cleaner and aesthetic appearance with this process, which is easy and painless.


In this clinic, which is the Department of pediatric dentistry, all diseases of pediatric patients related to teeth and gums are treated. Children's prosthetics, tooth extraction, treatment of dental injuries, root canal treatments are the procedures applied in the clinic.


Zirconium veneer, porcelain laminate veneer, full ceramic empress tooth veneer are performed in the section that is applied for the repair of aesthetically dissatisfied and broken teeth.

Laminated Veneer

In this treatment method, called laminated tooth or leaf porcelain, tooth repair is performed with porcelain or composite veneers applied to the teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

It is a method applied to root nerves as a result of pulpas, which are the living part of the tooth, losing their vitality over time. In order to destroy the sensitivity and lifeness of the root nerves, small needles are used to clean the inside of the dental canals. This application for bruises and hypersensitivity is completed in a few sessions.

Gum Treatment

Gingival diseases are treated in this clinic, which focuses on inflammation, bleeding, tenderness and bacterial plaque that occur in the gums. In the section, which is also done to clean tooth stones, detailed information is given by doctors about the importance of brushing teeth.

Tooth Extraction

Caries teeth, 20lik teeth and teeth that cannot be repaired are applied for the extraction process in the unit with local, general, intravenous anesthesia applications and tooth extraction operations. The tooth is surgically removed from its socket called the socket in the bone.

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Creation Date: 03.11.2022

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