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Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is a plastic surgery operation performed to restore and replace lost or diluted hair. In fact, the procedure is autologous tissue transplantation, which is the basis of plastic surgery. The main goal of plastic surgery is to improve the appearance of a person, thereby bringing people at peace with themselves and their environment into society. Hair transplantation is also one of the most basic operations that serve this purpose. For eyebrow, beard and mustache deficiencies, hair roots taken from the hair region are again used as material for repair/transplantation of these areas. For this reason, eyebrow transplantation and beard mustache transplantation are also included in the definition of hair transplantation. Innovative hair transplantation techniques developed by Koray Erdogan are techniques applied only in his own clinic and the results are excellent.

FUE technique

The channels in the hair transplant are opened by the doctor with very sharp knives made from Sapphire. It is a preferred method because it is a method that is never harmful to the skin. In hair transplantation with sapphire, tissue damage is reduced, bleeding is less, and the recovery time is faster. Skin damage is reduced when the channels are opened with sapphire. The holes drilled with Sapphire are repaired more quickly because the skin is less damaged. As mentioned above, the damage to the head caused by Sapphire Fue hair transplantation is very small, so bleeding also occurs at very low levels. After this application without any stitches, crustiness occurs on the skin. But it takes a short time for the shells to fall out. The patient is discharged the day after application. Hair transplantation and hair follicles should ensure that those who receive a quote (i.e., the donor area and the recipient area) do not come into contact with the sun and are not exposed to excessive heat for several periods of time. In order for the FUE technique to be applied, it is essential that the patient's hair follicles are suitable for this technique.


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Creation Date: 03.11.2022

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