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PRP implementation

The full name of this treatment method is Platelet Rich Plasma Platelet. PRP, which stands out in skin rejuvenation applications, is carried out in the form of taking about 8-20 cc of blood from the patient and obtaining serum and injecting it into the skin. In this way, it is aimed to treat this area with clot cell support provided to the target tissue. Applied for cosmetic purposes, PRP restructures the skin and activates all vital functions of the skin.

Filling Applications

It is a technique used to remove collapses and wrinkles on the skin. It is possible to eliminate the cupping between the two eyebrows, eliminate the depth and wrinkle in the area between the lip and nose, improve the lip contour and fullness, make the cheekbone obvious, and correct the jaw contour with this method. Hyaluronic acid fillers are more popular, although there are many types.


This aesthetic operation to reshape the nose is also known as ‘rhinoplasty’. Procedures such as nose augmentation and reduction are among the services that can be offered within the scope of rhinoplasty. It is also possible to widen or narrow the nostrils, change the distance between the nose-lip and nose-forehead. Again, this operation is also a solution to the problem of septal deviation (nasal curvature).

Breast Aesthetics

This process includes breast repair, breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lift operations after cancer.

Abdominal Aesthetics

This operation, also known as a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, is performed by removing excess skin and fat found in the abdominal area. The deformity formed in this area is corrected, the loosening muscles of the abdominal wall are tightened, and the abdominal wall is reshaped. A strained and flat appearance is given to the abdomen, waist thinning is provided.

Genital Aesthetics

All operations performed in the genital area due to cosmetic or functional reasons are called genital aesthetics. Labioplasty, narrowing of the vagina (Vaginoplasty), repair of tear marks after birth, plumping of the vagina lips and aesthetics of the clitoris are among these.


It is the treatment of breast tissue that grows excessively in men. In the treatment of this problem, which is divided into three types: glandular type, fatty type and mixed type, operations such as surgical excision, fat removal are applied.

Face Lift

These are treatments applied due to relaxation of sagging skin and muscles located in the front of the neck.

Eyelid Aesthetics

It is the preferred operation in order to correct problems such as bagging and sagging on the eyelids. It is also called blepharoplasty surgery.

Neck Aesthetics

The treatment of Tickle formation due to lubrication and sagging in the neck goes into neck aesthetics. This operation is sometimes performed in combination with face lift surgery.

Chin Aesthetics

These are operations performed to reshape the jaw, place a prosthesis on the tip of the jaw, enlarge the jaw, or shorten the jaw.

Leg Aesthetics

Excessive fineness in the legs, thickness, lubrication, curvature are aesthetic operations that provide solutions to problems such as excessive accumulation of fat on the ankles or sides of the knees. Methods such as Liposuction, leg implant, fat injection and laser liposuction are used.

Fat Injection

It is applied in the form of injecting fat tissue taken from the abdominal area, legs, and basins by liposuction into the desired area. It can also be performed in the face area.

Butt Aesthetics

These are operations performed to correct defects in the appearance of the hip. An example is hip augmentation. For this purpose, methods such as Brazilian hip aesthetics and silicone butt prosthesis are used.

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