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Best thermal hotel in Izmir Offering comfortable accommodation and thermal water treatment services, Balcova thermal hotel offers the opportunity to have a healthy holiday. Modern and stylish rooms have thermal water, safe, internet, bathroom products, satellite TV. Reception, on the other hand, is open 24 hours a day. Laundry facilities, luggage storage and free private parking are also available. The Spa center has a sauna, hammam, thermal water pool, outdoor pool.


Spa and Cure Center

Established in the hot springs, which have a 2500-century history and are called Agamemnon Hot Springs, the modern facility has a physical therapy and Rehabilitation Center. Hot Springs, where natural beauties meet medical facilities and modern amenities, have an important place in terms of health tourism. Physical therapy-spa and Cure Center has hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, Ergo-Kinesiotherapy, electrotherapy, Actinotherapy, paraffin, individual therapy, diagnostic and Treatment Unit, Dental Clinic, exercise and activity halls. There are 8 thermal pools, saunas, 37 bath rooms with thermal bath, SPA & massage, steam room and Fitness Center, each with different heat and size, 2 of which belong to women. The center, which offers treatment opportunities to thousands of rheumatic patients every year, provides 90-95% success in this area.

Treatment Possibilities

The main diseases treated in the center are inflammatory rheumatic diseases, i.e. ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, collagen tissue diseases, arthritis. On the other hand, the center also makes applications for the treatment of degenerative joint diseases. Calcifications are examples of this. Support is provided for the improvement of rheumatic muscle and soft tissue diseases. Tendinitis, epicondylitis, bursitis, Periarthritis, fibromyalgia are among them. Neck and lower back hernias, pain; metabolic and bone diseases such as osteoporosis, disorders requiring neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation MS, strokes, Parkinson’s, fractures and similar conditions are also included in the scope of treatment opportunities. Sports injuries and rehabilitation, fitness and morale motivational exercise programs, treatment of mechanical problems that lead to pain, geriatric rehabilitation programs, and coordination and balance problems are also included. But circulatory disorders, cancer, acute infection, lack of control of sugar and hypertension, severe kidney, liver, heart and lung diseases-deficiencies are an obstacle to treatment.

FUGA Fitness & Spa Center

Spa Center one of the most important parts of Turkish culture, bath services are combined with Far Eastern massage culture. Massage therapies performed by expert hands provide relaxation of blood circulation, removal of toxins, regeneration of cells, and relief from stress. Meeting the massage and hammam needs in the best way, the facility attaches great importance to the health and comfort of its guests.

Dental Clinic

In this clinic, which is connected to the physical therapy unit of the facility, diagnosis and treatment services related to oral, dental and jaw diseases are provided. Filling and porcelain coating with Cerec in one session; fixed dental prosthesis using the all On Four technique for those who experience tooth loss, tooth grinding treatment is one of them.

Massage Unit

In this on-site unit, different massage options are offered according to the body structures and needs of the people. Massage; relaxation of the circulatory, nervous, musculoskeletal system with periodic manipulations applied over the skin is the preferred treatment method in order to accelerate the healing process of diseases observed in these systems Nov. Classic massage is applied to the body completely or locally. It revitalizes cells and tissues, increases circulation rate, strengthens concentration, and reduces novelization. It gives fitness to the body, relieves fatigue. Regional massage therapy is applied to certain parts of the body such as back-waist, nape-shoulder-back, head-neck, arms and legs. It is a special treatment for areas with regional health problems. In the center, where sports massage is also performed, quality service is provided by correctly adjusting the amount of pressure, duration and rhythm. This type of massage, in which stimulant movements are intense, allows the removal of toxins from the body before or after sports, the harmonious functioning of the organs and the balancing of blood circulation. It Nov Nov reduces tension, prevents cramps, muscle stiffness, fiber breaks and muscle injuries. Foot massage (reflexology) migraine massage and cellulite massage are also practiced in the center.


This service, which covers non-water and in-water exercise methods, is offered by physiotherapists. Exercises planned specifically for the patient aim to increase and protect the mobility of the joints. It is applied to improve coordination and segmental stabilization, strengthen muscles. Orthopedic manual therapy, on the other hand, is a set of applications for movement restrictions, pain, mechanical problems caused by musculoskeletal diseases Nov. At the center, where neurological rehabilitation services are also provided; various treatments are applied to maintain perception, sensation, Balance, Body Integrity, coordination and balance. Exercise sessions created from patients with similar diagnosis and age distribution are also passed as group exercises. In-water exercises are performed for patients with movement restriction and pain. In this way, they can easily move in water, reduce the load on the joints, and accelerate the healing process. Craniosacral therapy is a treatment for problems between the skull and coccyx. At the beginning of the application area; congenital or later spinal curvatures (scoliosis), back and neck hernias, migraines and torticollis come. In this unit, where the sole of the foot reflex massage is also applied, treatments based on stimulating certain areas of the body from the sole of the foot are performed. Connective tissue massage is also used as a reflex treatment method for healing diseases. It is applied to the points determined in places where there are problems. Those with low back discomfort receive the necessary information about how to use their body in everyday life, what they need to do to maintain and improve their health through the service of waist School Education. For people with this condition, various exercises and trainings are given as a group and individually. Home Program service is to provide recommendations to patients in order to prevent problems they may face in daily life and to make it easier for them to fight their existing ailments. In the work and Labor unit, applications are carried out to increase dexterity, functional levels and activity levels. In the massage unit, there are 3 Exercise pools, 2 Exercise Halls, 3 Special exercise-rehabilitation rooms.

Paraffin Unit

In this unit, patients are prepared for physical therapy, massage and exercise practices with Fango and paraffin, known as superficial temperature agents. Services such as Fango – Para Fango and paraffin baths are offered.


It is a unit that uses electrical agents in the treatment of various health problems. Diadinami (low frequency current), interference (medium frequency current), short wave (High Frequency current), 4-cap (Galvani - Faradi current), Fluid therapy, ultrasound and TENS are among them.


In the center, where medicinal natural waters are used for Disease treatment, methods such as underwater pressure massage, whirlpool, Jacuzzi, rain shower, jet shower are used. The water temperature and turbulence effect provide relaxation, increased mobility and decreased pain in both general and local applications. Whirlpool service offered as part of hydrotherapy is effective for hand and foot problems. Jet shower and underwater pressure massage are applied to the whole body or locally for hip, waist, back, and arm and leg ailments. A rain shower is applied to the whole body. Mani-Jet, Vichy shower, exercise pool, contrast bath, Pedi-Jet services are also provided in this unit.


Balneotherapy, which means bath science, covers inhalation and drinking cures and bath services performed with natural waters. During these applications, which are described as adaptation-warning treatment, mud, natural water from underground sources are used. Provides relaxation in joints and muscles, reduces pain. The unit has half and full seating thermal baths specially designed for balneotherapy. Some of these row baths are single, some are double, and the total number is 37 pieces. 5 pools with varying sizes and 3 Jacuzzi are also available in this unit.

Diagnostic Unit

In this unit, where there are 10 Doctor's examination rooms, examination services are provided to determine what services the patients need. Biochemical analyses such as sedimentation, Hemogram, RF, CRP, Aso, blood sugar, complete urine examination, X-ray, triglyceride, cholesterol, AP, SGPT, SGOT, creatinine, urea are examined in the laboratory. In the diagnostic unit, there is also a meeting room, emergency and ECG room, computer and archive room, library.

Invitation & Organization

Professional solutions are offered for many organizations such as special day celebrations, wedding and wedding dinners, dealer and seminar meetings, business dinners. Ay Yildiz VIP hall, Emir Gazi Seminar Hall, Agamemnon Hall, Daisy Garden, Ayla Carte Garden, Palm Garden, F.T.R. It consists of an exercise room, a Physical Therapy Center, a meeting room, and a library.

Accommodation Services

All rooms at the hotel have a modern and stylish design. All rooms have hair dryer, thermal bath, split air conditioning, LCD TV, telephone, valuables safe, mini bar, emergency assistance (SOS) button.

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