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Inflammatory rheumatism-rheumatoid arthritis- treatment

This treatment method, which has been applied for 13 years, begins after a preliminary examination and is programmed according to the patient's condition.

Prp - stem cell therapy

In the treatment of PRP, platelets in our body are separated by special devices and methods, increasing their concentration, and given to the damaged area by special methods. With this natural method, applied without the use of drugs, cartilage tissue healing, increased nerve conduction, skin rejuvenation and everything damaged in the area quickly heals.


Acupuncture provides a painless, drug-free and natural solution by stimulating our nervous system and energy systems that control the hormone and internal gland systems.

Ear tinnitus treatment

In this treatment, a holistic treatment package is offered with spa, mud, acupuncture, medical Leech, Cup treatment and nutritional recommendations.


In Mesotherapy, better results are obtained at much lower doses as treatment is applied directly to the problem area. In this way, treatment can be done without affecting other areas without exhausting your body.

Cupping and cupping therapy

By increasing microcirculation in the applied area, it allows the removal of toxins from tissues. As a result of serious stimulation of the junctions of the nervous system located in the areas where cupping is made, the nervous system leading to the area is stimulated and a rapid recovery begins in the area.

Leech therapy

It is one of the Rare Enterprises in Turkey that applies leech therapy as certified by the Ministry of Health.

Thai treatments

Thai specialists at the facility are specialized therapists who have graduated from treatment universities and worked in hospitals. Excellent results are obtained from Thai treatments.

Mud and paraffin treatments

This specially applied treatment method is a great alternative treatment method. It is a great choice for alternative medicine treatments.


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Creation Date: 04.11.2022

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