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Fully equipped international Eye Hospital Dunyagoz Atakoy Hospital started serving in 2004. The hospital provides eye health services not only to patients from within the country, but also to thousands of foreign patients from all over the world. The hospital also has an emergency department this department provides uninterrupted service 24/7 with doctors specializing in eye diseases, experienced nurses and medical personnel in the field, equipment and devices with high level of technical equipment.


General eye examination

A routine eye examination allows you to detect diseases that have formed or started to form in our body.


Cataract refers to the matting of the natural lens of the eye. The part located behind the pupil is called the eye lens, and cataracts are an unintended consequence of the loss of transparency of the eye lens

Laser and lens

This operation has been performed in the hospital for many years. It is the fastest growing form of refractive surgery in the world.


Some retinal diseases require urgent treatment. If there is a sudden change in the course of the current retinal disease, it is also necessary to contact an ophthalmologist immediately.


Glaucoma is a disease that occurs with high or normal intraocular pressure, as well as progressive destruction of the visual nerve and deterioration of the visual field.

Children's eye health

Many important eye diseases occur at an early age. But successful results can be achieved with early detection and correct treatment.


Early detection of strabismus is very important to prevent permanent vision loss in the advanced period. Glasses or contact lenses, injection therapy and surgery are the best treatment methods.

Eye Aesthetics

Surgery can be performed on the eyelid and similar areas where you are not physically satisfied with your appearance.

Corneal Diseases

In this unit, it is possible to diagnose and treat a wide range of diseases and injuries that develop in the cornea. The treatment of corneal diseases is planned to be optimal with medication, contact lenses, laser or surgery.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a medical tool that is placed on the top of the eye, sticks to the cornea and is a solution to some of the vision problems. Sometimes it can also be used for cosmetic purposes.


The visual pathways from the optic nerve to the visual cortex where vision occurs and diseases in the cerebral cortex include neuro ophthalmology.

Intraocular inflammation

Intraocular inflammation occurs in part of the eyeball or surrounding tissues, including the transparent front surface of the eye, as well as the thin membrane of the outer eye and inside the eyelids.

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