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Bariatric surgery specialist Exp. Dr. Toygar TOYDEMIR Clinic offers treatments for obesity, diseases caused by the stomach and digestive system. Unit of obesity and diabetes surgery patient-oriented approach offers treatments for patients in an easy and practical way. Blood tests, pulmonology and anesthesia examination services are provided to patients regularly before operations. Since general anesthesia is required for operations, applications are performed meticulously. After surgery, the office, where the support necessary for patients is offered, aims to make it easy for patients experiencing discomfort in this area to reach their health status. Service is provided with an experienced team under the leadership of Toygar Toydemir.


Obesity Surgery

It is a unit where surgical operations are provided for those who have obesity problems and have obesity conditions. In this context, stomach reduction surgery for patients is performed with the help of medical devices. Stomach reduction surgery naturally decreases the appetite of patients. In this context, patients are easy to lose weight and return to their healthy weight is provided. For patients, the necessary medical support is provided within the scope of the unit so that health problems do not occur later.

Diet and exercise

It is the section where diet and exercise programs are prepared that will ensure that patients remain at their ideal weight. Along with programs and exercises specially prepared for each patient, it is possible to get rid of excess weight without surgery. It includes treatments specially provided not only for those with excess weight problems, but also for people who show extreme weakness. After measuring the necessary fat, sugar levels and blood values of patients, the programs that are suitable for them are decided.

Bariatric Surgery

It includes surgical operations intended for obesity. Surgical operations such as gastric clamp, gastric reduction, tube stomach, mini Gastric Bypass are performed. It covers treatment methods given for patients to get rid of their weight as soon as possible.

Gastric Balloon

It is the preferred method for temporary slimming methods. Basically, it is to place a balloon-shaped prosthesis inside the stomach. In this way, a feeling of satiety is formed and people's appetite for food is lost. Because the stomach balloon is not a melting material, it is removed again after a while.

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