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Istanbul's best foundation university Gureba Hospital, a source of healing for patients from all over the country, was a hospital founded 175 years ago, while many years later its name became Bezmialem Foundation University Medical Faculty Hospital. It is one of the healing institutions that has written its name in history. Many names in history have served with or without schools. The hospital, which has come to date, continues to be a health center with its physicians specializing in the field in the light of technology. It received its present name on October 25, 2010, with support from health care associations since its inception. The hospital, published in the Official Gazette, was established by the General Directorate of foundations of the Prime Ministry. It continues to serve patients in all departments of Medicine today with its patient-oriented approach that has come for centuries.


Anesthesiology and reanimation

In many emergency and surgical operations such as pain, operating room anesthesiology, birth anesthesia and intensive care anesthesia, patients are studied to make them less painful and ready for the surgical procedure.

Pediatric Surgery

Diagnosis and treatment of surgical diseases that occur in congenital or later digestive, excretory and respiratory systems that occur in children and infants in the process from the newborn period to adolescence is carried out.

Thoracic Surgery

Surgical operations of diseases occurring in breast health with technological and medical devices in the unit, diagnosis and treatment procedures are carried out together with professors and associate doctors. Patient care, training and research operations are also carried out in the unit.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

In the department, medical school students are offered the opportunity to practice and study, while patients applying to the department are also given surgical interventions and treatment procedures on women's health and obstetrics.


In the department where ear, nose and throat diseases are diagnosed and treated, snoring, sleep apnea, laryngeal and windpipe disorders, dizziness, cancer operations related to the branch, thyroid and nose, neck operations are performed.

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic and restoration surgeries are applied in the treatment of congenital or post-formed shape and dysfunctions, limb deficiencies such as accidents and burns, correction of facial and jaw asymmetries, and in cases of formal disproportion of body organs such as breast and nose.


The male reproductive organs, the bladder, kidney and urinary tract and female reproductive system diseases and the possibility of treatment offered section of Pediatric Urology, wigs initiatives in the field of urology and reconstructive laparoscopic surgery are carried out.

Brain and Neurosurgery

Brain injuries, all diseases that disrupt brain health are diagnosed and treated. All types of surgical operations are performed with adult and Pediatric Intensive Care Clinics.

General Surgery

Diagnosis, treatment and surgical procedures of all internal diseases such as liver, gallbladder, and stomach are performed in the department which provides services in the fields of endocrine system, bariatric surgery, and digestive system surgery.

Eye Diseases

Myopia, astigmatism, herpes virus, cataract, eye pressure in the department where many eye diseases are diagnosed, disease diagnosis and surgical procedures with advanced technological devices are performed by specialist doctors.

Cardiovascular Surgery

For the solution of all diseases on the Heart, Vascular and circulatory system, treatment and necessary surgical procedures are performed. Heart attack, heart failure, hypertension, myocarditis, heart valve diseases are among the diseases treated in the department.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

Knee, shoulder, hand, foot, such as muscles and joints that provide the movement system is treated for diseases that occur Nov. Fractures, dislocations, injuries in joints due to falls, meniscus, cartilage tissue disorders are among the diseases treated in the clinic.

Medical Pathology

It is a unit in which parts taken from the body, called biopsies, are examined in laboratory environment by cytological, histochemical and immunistochemical methods in accordance with the demands of the units. With the results obtained from here, the correct and rapid diagnosis of diseases takes place.

Emergency Medicine

It is a unit where emergency interventions are made for patients who come directly from the scene or to the emergency room. Trauma, Resuscitation, evaluation and referral processes are carried out.

Family Medicine

In order for individuals to adapt to family and society, early diagnosis, follow-up and treatment procedures are carried out to protect the health of all patients, children, adolescents and adults, regardless of gender and disease, in accordance with their demands.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health and diseases

Childhood depression, anxiety, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, tic disorders, language and speech developmental problems, baby, fuck preschool eating disorders, such as autism from the perspective of many mental health pediatric disease are examined, and where necessary treatment is given department.

Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases

Diagnosis and treatment of internal organ and metabolic diseases such as diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, thyroid diseases, adrenal disorders, sex hormone disorders, and cholesterol disease are performed.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Arthritis, bone resorption, joint disorders caused by meniscus and ligament injuries, facial paralysis, spastic children, Parkinson's, neck, back and lower back pain, such as many skeletal and neurological pain symptoms and physical therapy procedures are performed.


It is the Department of treatment of diseases such as COPD, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis, which are lung diseases. Respiratory function test, allergy test, sleep tests are often requested before diagnosis of the disease in the unit. Outpatient and inpatient clinic services are provided.


Leukemia, Lymphoma, hemolytic anemia, lung thromboembolism, such as many types of blood diseases are diagnosed and treated. By distinguishing blood diseases as benign or non-cancerous malignant, the form of treatment is planned.


Diagnosis and treatment of all heart and vascular diseases such as heart failure, heart rhythm disorders, aortic vascular diseases, and hypertension are performed. Heart health is studied in more detail with technical devices such as coronary angiography, ECG, Holter.


Brain vascular diseases, epilepsy, headaches, migraines, dementia movement disorders, Multiple sclerosis, muscle diseases and sleep problems are among the neurological diseases treated in the clinic. Diseases are diagnosed with many electro neurophysiological tests such as EEG, EMG, and sleep polysomnography.

Radiation Oncology

It is the department where patients receiving radiation therapy (radiation therapy) used in cancer and similar diseases are treated with modern devices and technical information.

Mental health and diseases

Depression, obsessive and compulsive disorders, schizophrenia, sleep problems, sexual dysfunctions, adult attention deficit, family and environmental problems due to introversion, social phobia, bipolar disorder, stimulant and alcohol addiction, such as many mental health diseases are diagnosed and treated. Drug therapy and psychotherapy are the forms of treatment applied.

Medical Genetics

It is a department where diseases that occur as a result of disorders that are inherited to genes are studied in a laboratory environment. Carriers for children and relatives born from individuals are analyzed in a clinical setting.


It is the department where forensic or normal cases investigate the causes of death and determine whether people have been harmed. Autopsy, which is one of the most common procedures, elucidates the cause of death of a case moved to the judicial process, kemk and organ examinations, drug and toxic substances examinations, tissue, blood, saliva analyses, written documents and weapons examinations are carried out.

Child Health and diseases

Diagnosis and treatment of many childhood diseases such as epilepsy, muscle diseases, digestive system diseases, traumas, autism, which are studied in pediatric Nov.

Skin and Venereal Diseases

All diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and acne that occur on hair, skin, skin are diagnosed and treated. Derma cosmetic procedures such as I intake, acne scars treatment, deep pit and scar scars, carbon peeling are performed in this section.

Infectious diseases and Clinical Microbiology

Detection, diagnosis and treatment of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites that cause diseases in the body. Viral, fungal, bacterial and parasitic diseases are studied.


Diagnosis and treatment of all diseases related to the esophagus, stomach, intestines, anal region, liver, gallbladder and tracts, pancreas, which are related to the digestive system, is carried out.

Public Health

Preventive medicine is carried out by examining the social and environmental effects of individuals living in society on health.

Internal Medicine

Diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, blood pressure, polycystic ovary syndrome, intra-abdominal disorders, thyroid, goiter, such as all diseases related to internal organs are diagnosed and treated. With a multidisciplinary approach, referrals to other departments are performed when necessary.


Acute renal failure, chronic renal failure, inflammation of the kidneys, presence of blood in the urine, electrolyte disorders, cystic kidney diseases, such as many kidney and kidney diseases are treated.

Nuclear Medicine

In order to benefit from the diagnosis of many diseases, imaging and diagnostic procedures are performed by the process used with radioactive and radyoformasotik substances.


In this unit, which is one of the imaging methods, the internal structure of the body is displayed with radiation and high-frequency sound waves to diagnose diseases.

Medical Pharmacology

In the department, which aims to include new ones among the drugs used in the treatment of diseases, the effects of pharmacological drugs on human and animal tissues are investigated.

Medical Oncology

In this unit, which deals with every process of cancer diseases from the stages of early diagnosis, screening, protection, treatment opportunities are offered to cancer patients by methods such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy.


It is a department where tissues, organs and systems formed in the human and animal body are investigated, structure and function settlements are examined and the relationship between them is determined in detail.


In the light of statistical science, it is the Department of medicine that determines how effective a drug is, what is the cause of cancer and other diseases, and the probability of survival of a sick individual.


It is a branch of science that studies the functions of cells, tissues, systems and organs that make up the human structure, and determines the criteria for performing these functions, studying the relationship of body structures with the outside world in the relationship of cause and effect.

Medical Biochemistry

It examines the functions of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nuclide acids in the human body in the living system. Diagnosis of diseases in the human body by analysis with blood, urine and fluids taken from inside the body and treatment plan are made according to these tests.

Medical Microbiology

In order for Infectious Diseases and other units to determine the diagnosis and treatment plan; Culture and antibiotic tests, hepatitis tests, parasite tests, serological tests are performed.


It is the Department of calcium signaling in cells, pathophysiological events such as cancer, Alzheimer's, epilepsy, cell biophysics, medical imaging devices and biological harms are investigated.


In the department, which determines the rules that the medical profession must follow during its implementation, it examines the rules and behaviors that medical doctors are obliged to follow and comply with while performing their profession.

Histology and Embryology

In the department that studies the tissues of living things, the stages of embryo formation, growth and development from a fertilized egg are examined.

Medical Biology

In this department, where the structures of living things are studied, viruses, bacteria, types of parasites, reproductive methods and their effect on living things are investigated. Various assays and analyses are carried out in laboratory environment.

Medical Education and Informatics

In this unit, where the formation and development processes of medical education are evaluated, the educational process and developments are closely monitored and the evaluation of the educational components is supported.

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