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Exercise Room

The exercise room, where various exercise programs are applied, is equipped with modern exercise tools that allow guests to exercise comfortably. Exercise services offered by physiotherapists are divided into in-water and out-water exercises. Exercises are planned specifically for the patient and increase the mobility of the joints. It provides the development of Segmental stabilization and coordination of the body, strengthening of muscles. Musculoskeletal pain, movement restrictions and mechanical problems are treated by orthopedic manual therapy. Novo-otolaryngology and orthopedic surgery. Neurological rehabilitation services are also provided in the center and treatments are applied to maintain balance, coordination, and maintain body integrity. Patients with a similar diagnosis and near age are brought together in exercise sessions and group exercises are performed. In-water exercises are preferred in patients with pain and movement restriction. These exercises reduce the pressure of the joints and accelerate the healing process. Exercises for curvature of the spine, hernia of the waist and neck are also practiced. Exercise treatments and trainings are given both individually and in groups to those with low back discomfort.

Electrotherapy Unit

It is a unit in which electrical agents are used to treat many health problems. A low-frequency current is called a Diadinami, a medium-frequency current is called interference, and a high-frequency current is called a short wave. Galvani-Faradi current is also known as 4-cap. In addition, methods such as TENS, Fluid therapy and ultrasound are also used. In this unit, where deep or superficial temperature agents, light or heat agents are used, waist-neck traction and magnetic field treatment are also used. These relieve pain, eliminate muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and prepare patients for rehabilitation. This, in turn, makes it possible for them to participate in treatment more efficiently.

Robotic Rehabilitation

It covers robotic walking treatments offered to help patients who have completely or partially lost their ability to walk regain their ability to walk. Spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, paralysis or neurological disorders such as anterior cruciate ligament injury, the hip-knee prosthesis, etc from lost due to the function aims to return with the help of a robotic device. In the robotic rehabilitation unit, where the latest medical equipment and technologies are used, patients with spinal cord paralysis, cerebral palsy, cerebral palsy, brain damage, MS, Parkinson’s can benefit. Treatment options such as walking robot (lokomat), hand-arm robot (armeo-power), robotic bed (anyob), biodex balance training system and gravity-free treadmill are offered. In this unit, movements are performed in a repetitive manner and according to physiological skates, through the robot. It accelerates the adaptation process by enabling the spinal cord and brain to learn lost motion functions. Virtual reality apps and sensors in the robotic system keep the patient's motivation alive. Brain surgery, brain tumors, brain vascular obstruction or geriatric walking balance disorders can also benefit from this service.

Space Cage

The treatment method applied with the cage system also provides great benefit to paralyzed patients. In a mechanism called a space Cage, the lower and front facade is open, the other parts are closed; a system consisting of ropes and iron rails is used. In addition to this cage, a height bag and treadmill are also available. It is extremely convenient for the treatment of children and the elderly with neurological disorders; it helps to make the physical therapy process fun. A system that prevents the fear of falling in paralyzed and gait-impaired patients gives impetus to the healing process.


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Creation Date: 07.11.2022

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