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Çanakkale Anadolu Hospital, which started its operations on February 22, 2006, has been serving as Medical Park Çanakkale Hospital as of December 2019. It has adopted the principle of meeting the health needs of the region and providing quality health services to the people of the region. Medical Park Çanakkale Hospital, which is a preferred hospital in its region with its experienced healthcare staff, works without sacrificing service quality. It continues its efforts to meet the health needs of the region in the best way with its wide physician staff consisting of specialists, two operating rooms, 75 bed capacity, modern technology devices and pioneering applications. As the only private hospital in the province, it serves with a total of 186 employees as of today.

There are 32 patient rooms in the hospital. In addition to the trainings containing information about the drugs used when hospitalized, medical devices, nutrition, control times, and hand hygiene to inpatients, smoking cessation advice training is given to patients who smoke.

24/7 Emergency Service
The Emergency Service of the hospital provides service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it is possible to enter the Emergency Service both from within the hospital and independently. In the Emergency Service, emergency examination and treatment procedures and ambulance services are provided. Emergency Service provides service with physicians, health personnel and auxiliary personnel. The service consists of examination and resuscitation, intervention and observation room sections. All units within the hospital are organized to support the emergency department when necessary.

Fully Equipped Neonatal Care Unit
There are 6 incubators in the neonatal intensive care unit of the hospital. In addition, a transport incubator with a ventilator is offered to the use of patients in need. The neonatal intensive care unit provides advanced care from the 35th week of pregnancy to preterm birth, multiple pregnancy, babies of mothers with diabetes, large babies, babies who swallowed meconium in the womb or babies who have health problems as a result of difficult birth. In the unit, little patients are followed by experienced nurses all day, and their treatment is carried out by pediatrician specialists.

In the delivery room of Medical Park Çanakkale Hospital, the pain follow-up and delivery of the guests coming for normal delivery are carried out by expert teams. In cases where cesarean section is required, support is obtained from the operating room. In order to encourage breastfeeding in the hospital, mother and baby stay in the same room. Before and after birth, training is given to the mother on the importance and benefits of breastfeeding and the correct breastfeeding methods by trained nurses. Epidural anesthesia is applied by experienced anesthesiologists in the hospital, both in normal delivery and cesarean section operations.


Accident and Emergency
Breast Screening
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