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One of the best hospitals in Istanbul Asian side Private Acibadem Altunizade Hospital started operating in 2017. The hospital, which has a closed area of 98,000 m2, has many specialized units ranging from oncology unit to Neurosurgery Unit, Cellular Therapy Unit to Robotic Surgery Unit. The hospital has a capacity of 350 beds, 18 operating rooms, 75 intensive care beds and 550 car parking capacity.



Family medication trained professionals and crisis medication experts are utilized in the Emergency Department, which offers types of assistance for issues that happen in crisis circumstances.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Tasteful helpful techniques, tooth shading reclamations, teeth brightening and lamina facade rebuilding efforts are done by this unit.

Mouth and dental health

Tasteful helpful techniques, tooth shading reclamations, teeth brightening and lamina facade rebuilding efforts are done by this unit.

Pain Relief

In this unit, finding and treatment of illnesses identified with oral, dental and jaw wellbeing is done for kids and grown-up patients.

Family Medicine

It is a unit where general wellbeing administrations are given.

Allergic Diseases

It is an exhaustive unit where finding and treatment of sensitivity illnesses are completed and specialists work.


It offers numerous pre-careful types of assistance inside the extent of patient consideration and treatment administrations.

Addiction Center

Altered treatment strategies are applied as per the requirements and objectives of the patient.

Nutrition and Diet

Nourishment and diet administrations are actualized in the general public to make familiarity with smart dieting and backing the mending cycle of patients.

Brain and Nerve Surgery

Conclusion and treatment administrations are accommodated cerebrum tumors, brain battery, brain biopsy, pediatric neurosurgery and spinal medical procedure and walk examination.

Kidney Transplant Center

Conclusion and treatment administrations are given to both grown-up and kid patients with a multidisipliner understanding in the fields of Radiology and sedation.


All sicknesses identified with children are treated in this dept.

Skin Diseases

Finding and treatment of mucous infections, for example, skin, hair, nails and inside the mouth are completed.

Hand Surgery

Treatment of patients with issues identified with the hand, wrist, elbow and arm are completed.


Treatment and follow-up administrations are given in numerous hormonal framework and metabolic infections, for example, endocrine framework physiology and thyroid illnesses, diabetes, heftiness, dyslipidemias, osteoporosis, adrenal organ sicknesses, conceptive endocrinology, pituitary infections and hormonal immune system infections.


Finding and treatment of sores, for example, wounds, polyps or tumors in the stomach, internal organ or throat is performed.

Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology

Assessment and treatment of infections caused in the human body is done in this unit.

Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

It is a clinical office that attempts to reestablish the structure and elements of any piece of the body in deformations brought about by mishaps, illnesses or intrinsic abnormalities.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation

It offers an assortment of treatment strategies to patients with issues, for example, low back agony, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia.


It is a unit that treats different sicknesses of the stomach related framework.

General Surgery

It is an extensive office that actualizes the analysis and treatment of General sicknesses.

Thoracic Surgery

It is an exceptional dept for patients treated by a group including oncology, pulmonologists and radiologists.

Chest Diseases

It is a unit where the treatment of lung infections is effectively performed.

Eye diseases

Notwithstanding eye assessment and treatment, Contact focal point and eyewear administrations are likewise advertised.


In this unit, lymphoma, leukemia and other disease Hematology, bone marrow transplantation, paleness, coagulating messes are analyzed and treated.

Internal diseases

It is a unit that gives the treatment of all General Internal sicknesses.

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Colposcopy and laparoscopic techniques are performed for malignant growth screening, disease early determination and treatment.

Liver Transplant Center

It is a medical dept that produces answers for patients with liver disappointment where careful intercessions fizzle.


It offers options in contrast to answers for ensure heart wellbeing and treats existing heart sicknesses.


This unit serves patients with kidney disorders.


Medicines identified with hearing and equilibrium problems are applied.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

It is an exhaustive medical unit that treats bone breaks.


It is a research center comprising of macroscopy, routine histology, cytology, histochemistry and immunohistochemistry.


Analysis and treatment administrations are accommodated state of mind issues, nervousness problems, maniacal issues, dietary issues, sexual dysfunctions, and nicotine fixation.


Symptomatic and interventional radiological administrations are given.

IVF Center

Couples who need to have kids are treated with helped conceptive methods.


It gives urological assessment, conclusion and treatment administrations to grown-up and children patients.

Neonatal Intensive Care

Neonatology and Pediatrics experts are utilized in this unit.

Intensive care

I t is a medical dept that treats patients who are in danger of life.

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