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Bodrum branch of Acibadem Health Group Private Acibadem Bodrum Hospital is a general purpose hospital and provides health services to its patients in many branches. The hospital, which started to serve in 2012, has closed a significant deficit in its region and provides its services with specialist physicians for domestic and foreign patients. The hospital has agreements with SSI, private health insurance, bank insurance and foreign health insurance. The hospital, which has an area of 26 thousand square meters, thus offers a spacious environment for patients. The hospital, which also has special areas for patients ' relatives and children, ensures the best delivery of Health Services. In this way, many diseases are treated in the hospital, which maintains a patient-oriented service understanding with the treatments offered in many branches.


Emergency Service

It is a unit where the treatment of ailments and diseases that occur in emergency situations is provided. It is provided that the patient circumvents the vital risks with the treatments offered for ailments caused by illness or trauma. According to the requirements, the relevant units are provided.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

It is a unit where surgical operations are performed, which are necessary for the oral and dental part. In addition to the removal of buried teeth, root tip interventions, dislocation and fractures of the check, treatments for diseases such as cysts are also offered.

Oral and dental health

It is a unit where problems occurring in the mouth and teeth are treated. Dental caries, tooth extraction, root canal treatment, implant treatment, porcelain veneer, aesthetic Smile Design are given by specialist doctors. Modern methods are used to help patients achieve healthy oral structures.


It is the section where anesthesia applications are performed necessary for surgery. Treatments with regional, local and general anesthesia methods are offered. The correct practices for various surgeries prevent patients from feeling pain.

Nutrition and diet

It includes programs prepared by expert Dietitians for conditions such as eating disorders, obesity, weakness, and eating habits related to blood sugar. Each program is patient-oriented.

Brain and Neurosurgery

It is the unit where treatment is provided for brain tumors, brain battery, brain biopsy, spinal surgery, gait analysis. It is aimed to eliminate problems that occur on the brain and nervous system with technological devices.

Check Up

It is a unit that includes testing methods for pre-diagnosis and Prevention of diseases. It also helps to prevent heart problems by providing information on the general condition of patients and also by providing information on vascular health.


Diagnosis and treatment services are provided for all diseases that occur for children up to the age of 16. Treatment methods performed by physicians specializing in Child Health aim to ensure that children are healthy.

Skin Diseases

It includes treatments provided for the elimination, diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of skin disorders. Treatments for different ailments such as psoriasis, eczema, skin loss, redness, Flake problems, allergies are provided.


It involves examining the esophagus, intestines and stomach with devices with a camera at the end. It allows very easy detection of problems occurring in these regions. It also includes treatments for problems such as indigestion, swallowing and scraping.

Infectious diseases and Clinical Microbiology

It is the unit that provides diagnosis and treatment for bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic diseases. In order to detect diseases caused by the virus, diagnosis and treatment are offered by using the technological capabilities of the Department.

Physical therapy and Rehabilitation

It includes medical technological devices as well as treatment services offered for those with discomfort in muscle and joint systems Nov. It is aimed that people gain mobility and improve their quality of life.


It is a unit that deals with diseases of the esophagus, stomach, intestines, liver, bile and pancreas that occur in the digestive system. Diagnosis and treatment of various diseases of the digestive system is provided.

General Surgery

It includes surgical operations to be performed to eliminate various diseases. Obesity, liver, pancreas, biliary tract, endocrine, breast surgery and organ transplantation are carried out within the scope of the unit.


It is a unit where the treatment of chest diseases that occur outside the heart is provided. It covers treatment for diseases such as bronchitis, sarcoidosis, pneumonia, respiratory diseases, lung diseases. Treatment of existing diseases is provided with advanced medical devices.

Eye Diseases

It is the unit where the treatment of diseases occurring in the eye is carried out. Visual impairment, vision loss, strabismus, eye inflammation, redness, injury and Strabismus, especially congenital or subsequent eye diseases are eliminated.


Treatments for lymphoma, leukemia and other cancer diseases are offered. Bone marrow, anemia, blood clotting problems for treatments performed by the division.

Internal Medicine

It is a unit that deals with diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver, biliary tract, pancreas. Modern medical devices and methods are used for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. In order to make appropriate treatment methods for patients, support is also received from other branches.

Gynecological Oncology

Cancer screening for women is a unit where treatments are provided for early detection of cancer and cancer treatment. In this context, Colposcopy and laparoscopic procedures are provided by specialist physicians in the field.

Heart Health

It includes treatments for cardiovascular parts. Thanks to the diagnostic methods offered with a holistic approach, robotic surgical methods are also applied in order to protect the heart health of patients.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

It is the unit that provides diagnosis and treatment of diseases that occur in women. In addition to treatments such as disease and cancer, treatments such as pregnancy follow-up, birth control, abortion and IVF are also carried out by the unit.

Cancer (Oncology)

It is the unit where the most appropriate treatments are offered for the diagnosis and elimination of cancers. Surgical operations are carried out within the relevant unit with the treatment methods offered for diseases.


In addition to diagnostic services such as disease risk screening, exertion testing, it includes treatments for conditions such as heart attack, heart failure, heart rhythm disorders, heart valve diseases, vascular problems.

Cardiovascular Surgery

It includes surgical operations provided for children and adults within the scope of cardiovascular surgery. Treatment of patients is provided by robotic and minimally invasive interventions.


It includes treatments for diseases that occur in the ear, nose and throat areas by specialist doctors. Treatment is given for conditions such as hearing loss, sound disorders, nosebleeds, inability to smell, and nasal aesthetic problems.

Breast Clinic

Breast surgery, plastic surgery, pathology, radiology, medical oncology services are offered to patients. It includes diagnoses and treatments for breast cancer. Supporting services and training programs are also carried out by the unit.

Breast Health

It is the unit where diagnoses and treatments related to breast diseases are performed. The preservation of the structure of the breast, such as breast surgery treatments are performed. Breast diseases are detected and treated with modern medical devices.


It covers treatments for brain vascular diseases, dizziness, dementia, headache, peripheral nervous system diseases. Medical devices such as EEG and EMG provide the correct treatment of diseases.

Nuclear Medicine

The use of radioactive materials for diagnosis and treatment of diseases is provided. Along with methods, it is possible to make the right treatments for diseases. GA68 includes units such as iodine.

Oncological Surgery

It is the surgical unit where cancer diagnosis and treatment are performed. It includes treatments in accordance with modern scientific methods for cleaning cancer cells and preventing cancer growth. It is aimed to clean the cells that have cancer and restore the health of the patients.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

It is a unit where muscle and joint problems formed after trauma, falls, sports injuries, congenital disorders and traffic accidents are eliminated Nov. Improving the quality of patients ' daily life is ensured by interventions made by specialist physicians.


Histology, Cytology, histochemistry and physician studies are the unit where the origins of diseases are determined. It is aimed to bypass the existing conditions of patients by taking tissue and cell samples that cause the disease.


It is the unit that offers indoctrination treatment for the cognitive, psychological and emotional development of children. Services provided by child psychologists provide treatments such as controlling children's development, family communication, adolescent problems, emotional problems and individual therapy.

Perinatology and high-risk pregnancies

It is a unit where treatments are provided to eliminate risky pregnancy conditions. It is aimed to eliminate risks such as risks of expectant mothers, risks of previous pregnancy, risks related to the fetus, risks related to childbirth.


It is a unit where psychological treatments are performed in a clinical sense. It is aimed to eliminate the Social, Psychological and mental problems of patients. Treatments are provided by specialists for Melancholy, depression, schizophrenia, mental loss, psychosis and neuroses.


It includes treatments offered by indoctrination method for individuals, families, married couples and adolescents. It is aimed to improve mental health through therapies. Individual sessions and treatment methods that experts consider appropriate are given.

Radiation Oncology

It is a unit where cancer and tumor studies are provided using ionizing radiation methods. In this way, it is possible to determine the most appropriate methods for cancer risks and treatment in patients. Radiation therapy is also performed by the unit to remove cancer cells.


Detection of diseases is provided with various measurement medical devices. It provides information about the detection and size of diseases that occur in various parts of the patients.


It includes treatments for Rheumatic Diseases. Lime, inflammation, painful tissues and similar diseases are diagnosed and treated. Support is also received from other units to provide appropriate treatments to patients.

Medical Oncology

A unit where cancer patients are treated is also a unit where cancer prevention, cancer screening and early diagnosis are performed. It includes providing early cancer prevention measures by providing patients with information about their cancer processes.

IVF Centers

It is the section where IVF treatments are performed for couples who cannot have babies by Normal means. With different IVF methods, couples are provided with the easiest way to have babies.

Treatment of Sleep Disorders

Diagnosis and treatment services are provided for situations where sleep, which is necessary for a healthy life, creates problems. Medical treatment and screening methods are applied to problems such as sleep disorders, insomnia, sleep that comes during the day.


It is the unit that provides urological services for children and adults. It includes treatments given in areas such as prostate, bladder, open and closed stone operations, stone crushing, urological cancer operations, ESWL operations, male sexual dysfunctions.

Neonatal Intensive Care

It is the area where newly born babies are kept under observation when they are at risk. It is aimed to restore the health of babies who are kept under the supervision of specialists and nurses. In this way, the department, which works in coordination with other units, aims to eliminate vital risks.

Intensive Care

It is the section where patients who are at risk of life after trauma, surgery or disease are kept under observation. The main goal is to eliminate the vital risks of patients. For this purpose, medical devices and treatment and follow-up programs are applied. Intensive care departments are divided according to different diseases.

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