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One of the biggest hospitals of Acibadem Health Group Private Acibadem International Hospital, which started serving in 1989, joined Acibadem Health Group in 2005. Built on a closed area of 19,000 m2, the hospital has a total of 112 beds, 26 of which are intensive care beds, and 16 patient observation beds. Designed and serving a 5-star hotel concept, the hospital is located in the most central location of Istanbul. In addition to standard rooms, there are also suites. You can get comfortable and full-range health services.



Family medicine experts then emergency medication professionals are busy within the Emergency Department, as provides services because issues as take place into accident situations.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Aesthetic restorative procedures, teeth shade restorations, tooth whitening and plate veneer restorations are conveyed abroad by means of that department.

Mouth and dental health

In that unit, diagnosis and cure regarding diseases related in conformity with oral, dental and jaw health is conducted outdoors because of adolescents then adult patients.

Pain Relief

It is the branch the place the analysis and therapy concerning chronic judgment patients is successfully applied.

Family Medicine

It is a soloist where average health applications are provided.

Allergic Diseases

It is a complete soloist where diagnosis and treatment regarding hypersensitive reaction diseases are received abroad and professionals work.


It provides much pre-surgical functions inside the scope regarding affected person care then treatment services.

Addiction Center

Customized remedy techniques are utilized in consequence with the wishes or goals of the patient.

Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition or weight-reduction plan applications are implemented among the tribe according to gender recognition concerning healthy ingesting and assist the restoration procedure concerning patients.

Brain and Nerve Surgery

Diagnosis and remedy services are furnished because talent tumors, Genius battery, brain biopsy, pediatric neurosurgery, spinal surgical treatment or change of condition analysis.

Kidney Transplant Center

Diagnosis and cure applications are supplied in imitation of each grown-up and infant sufferers including a multidisipliner appreciation between the fields concerning Radiology and anesthesia.


All illnesses related to teens are dealt with in that department.

Skin Diseases

Diagnosis or treatment on mucous illnesses certain as much skin, hair, nails and inward the mouth are received out.

Hand Surgery

Diagnosis and cure over patients with issues related in imitation of the hand, wrist, elbow or arm are conducted out.


Diagnosis, treatment then follow-up purposes are supplied in many hormonal dictation then metabolic diseases certain as endocrine law physiology and thyroid diseases, diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemias, osteoporosis, adrenal tumor diseases, reproductive endocrinology, pituitary illnesses or hormonal autoimmune diseases.


Diagnosis or therapy regarding lesions certain as wounds, polyps then tumors between the stomach, considerable gut and gorge is performed.

Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology

Diagnosis, test and remedy concerning illnesses precipitated of the human physique is done.

Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

It is a medical branch so tries to restore the shape then applications concerning any section regarding the body among disfigurements induced by way of accidents, diseases and congenital anomalies.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation

It offers a variety over treatment techniques in conformity with sufferers with issues certain namely ignoble again pain, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia.


It is a branch to that amount treats a number diseases regarding the digestive system.

General Surgery

It is a complete branch as implements the diagnosis or remedy on General diseases.

Thoracic Surgery

It is a special department because patients handled by way of a team consisting of oncology, pulmonologists and radiologists.

Chest Diseases

It is a one where the remedy over lung diseases is successfully performed.

Eye diseases

In summation in accordance with remark trial and treatment, Contact lens or eyewear purposes are also offered.


In that department, lymphoma, leukemia then lousy most cancers Hematology, bone match transplantation, anemia, clotting issues are recognized and treated.

Internal diseases

It is a department that affords the treatment about all General Internal diseases.

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Colposcopy then laparoscopic strategies are observed because cancer screening, most cancers before long diagnosis and treatment.

Liver Transplant Center

It is a branch so produces options because of sufferers together with liver dud where surgical interventions fail.


It offers preferences after options in imitation of defend bravery health and treats existing heart diseases.


It serves sufferers along kidney disorders.


Treatments associated according to hearing and balance problems are applied.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

It is a comprehensive branch as treats skeleton fractures.


It is a laboratory consisting on macroscopy, events histology, cytology, histochemistry and immunohistochemistry.


Diagnosis and treatment functions are provided because of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, eating disorders, sexual dysfunctions, and then nicotine addiction.



Diagnostic and interventional radiological services are provided.

IVF Center

Couples who want in conformity with baby are handled together with assisted reproductive techniques.


It presents urological examination, prognosis then cure applications in accordance with adult then toddler patients.

Neonatal Intensive Care

Neonatology and Pediatrics professionals are devoted into this unit.

Intensive care

It is a branch as treats sufferers whichever are at danger concerning life.

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