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Acibadem Health Group's third hospital Private Acibadem Kozyatagi Hospital started serving in 2004. The hospital, which has a closed area of 13,700 m2, has a capacity of 5 beds, 4 operating rooms, 6 general intensive care and 6 neonatal intensive care beds. Medical units in all Acibadem hospitals are also available in this hospital. Turkey's best doctors and medical teams are working here. Comfort, hygiene and target treatments are priority.



Family medicine specialists and medicine specialists are employed within the Emergency Department, which provides services for problems that occur in emergency situations.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Aesthetic restorative procedures, tooth color restorations, teeth whitening and lamina veneer restorations are administered by this department.

Oral and dental health

In this unit, diagnosis and treatment of diseases associated with oral, dental and jaw health is administered for youngsters and adult patients.

Pain Relief

It is the department where the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain patients is successfully applied.

Family Medicine

It is a unit where general health services are provided.

Allergic Diseases

It is a comprehensive unit where diagnosis and treatment of allergy diseases are administered and experts work.


It provides many pre-surgical services within the scope of patient care and treatment services.

Addiction Center

Customized treatment methods are applied in accordance with the requirements and goals of the patient.

Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition and diet services are implemented within the society to make awareness of healthy eating and support the healing process of patients.



Brain and Nerve Surgery

Diagnosis and treatment services are provided for brain tumors, brain battery, brain biopsy, pediatric neurosurgery, spinal surgery and gait analysis.

Kidney Transplant Center

Diagnosis and treatment services are provided to both adult and child patients with a multidisipliner understanding within the fields of Radiology and anesthesia.


All diseases associated with children are treated during this department.

Skin Diseases

Diagnosis and treatment of mucous diseases like skin, hair, nails and inside the mouth are administered.

Hand Surgery

Diagnosis and treatment of patients with problems associated with the hand, wrist, elbow and arm are administered.


Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up services are provided in many hormonal system and metabolic diseases like system physiology and thyroid diseases, diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemias, osteoporosis, adrenal diseases, reproductive endocrinology, pituitary diseases and hormonal autoimmune diseases.


Diagnosis and treatment of lesions like wounds, polyps or tumors within the stomach, intestine or esophagus is performed.

Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology

Diagnosis, examination and treatment of diseases caused within the physical body is completed.

Aesthetic, Plastic and plastic surgery

It is a medical department that tries to revive the shape and functions of any a part of the body in disfigurements caused by accidents, diseases or congenital anomalies.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation

It offers a spread of treatment methods to patients with problems like low back pain, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia.


It is a department that treats various diseases of the gastrointestinal system.

General Surgery

It is a comprehensive department that implements the diagnosis and treatment of General diseases.


Thoracic Surgery

It is a special department for patients treated by a team including oncology, pulmonologists and radiologists.

Chest Diseases

It is a unit where the treatment of lung diseases is successfully performed.

Eye diseases

In addition to eye examination and treatment, contact and eyewear services also are offered.


In this department, lymphoma, leukemia and other cancer Hematology, bone marrow transplantation, anemia, clotting disorders are diagnosed and treated.

Internal diseases

It is a department that gives the treatment of all General Internal diseases.

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Colposcopy and laparoscopic procedures are performed for cancer screening, cancer early diagnosis and treatment.

Liver Transplant Center

It is a department that produces solutions for patients with liver failure where surgical interventions fail.


It offers alternatives to solutions to guard heart health and treats existing heart diseases.


It serves patients with kidney disorders.


Treatments associated with hearing and balance disorders are applied.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

It is a comprehensive department that treats bone fractures.


It is a laboratory consisting of macroscopy, routine histology, cytology, histochemistry and immunohistochemistry.


Diagnosis and treatment services are provided for mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, eating disorders, sexual dysfunctions, and drug addiction.



Diagnostic and interventional radiological services are provided.

IVF Center

Couples who want to possess children are treated with assisted reproductive techniques.


It provides urological examination, diagnosis and treatment services to adult and child patients.

Neonatal medical care

Neonatology and Pediatrics specialists are employed during this unit.

Intensive care

It is a department that treats patients who are in danger of life.

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