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Economical and personalized Dental treatments Private aesthetic oral and dental health Polyclinic, which closely follows technological developments and has staff who are experts in their fields, offers services that fully meet the aesthetic expectations of patients. At the same time, beautification procedures are carried out to protect the oral and dental health of individuals. In the mobility of Modern life, treatments are carried out in ways that will suit people. The oral care that patients need, dental protection practices are best performed. Patients ' desired aesthetic views are provided and their quality of life is increased. Dental caries, gum diseases are treated and dental health is protected. Gum disease, inflammation surrounding the gums and teeth are cleared.


Veneers (Laminate)

Easily fix bad-looking teeth refers to the service provided to achieve an impressive smile. Permanent spots on the teeth and their damaged appearance are removed by the treatment method. The closest appearance to the natural tooth is provided.


Aesthetics are important for dental treatment. Veneer is done to achieve a brighter and more aesthetic appearance of the teeth. It has a realistic appearance. Veneer treatments that will be compatible with the gum are provided.

Composite Fill

In tooth color, it is the area where natural filling treatment is given. It is the section where layers are placed in specially prepared cavities. It stands out as a durable and convenient filling method.


It is the section where diamonds to be worn for the purpose of an aesthetic appearance for the tooth are provided. Seamless, long-lasting and aesthetic diamond placement is made for teeth. In addition, the service also removes diamonds from the teeth.

Smile Design

It aims at the best and aesthetic appearance of the teeth during laughing. Aesthetic arrangement of gums and teeth is the area where comprehensive oral care is performed. Laser intervention is provided to teeth and gums.


The closest treatment method to the natural tooth is provided. It provides a longer lasting and natural appearance compared to conventional bridges or prosthetics. Implant planning, optimal material selection, such as treatment methods are applied.

Sinus Lift

In the upper jaw, it includes services provided to remove cavities located on the teeth, avoid bone loss, and make the tooth structure healthier.

Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty

It is the section where gum removal treatments are performed. The practice of removing excess gums around the tooth with appropriate methods is performed. It is also preferred to provide an aesthetic appearance.

Embedded Tooth

It refers to the part where the teeth that cannot be located in the mouth for various reasons and remain in the gum are removed and treated. Advanced technological medical devices provide the process of dislodging the embedded tooth.

Teeth Whitening

It is the part where teeth whitening procedures are performed. It is made with medical advanced devices that provide a white color beam.

Full Prosthesis

It is the part where prosthetic procedures are performed to correct the condition of unused teeth or oral structures with aesthetic disorders. Fixed prosthesis, moving prosthesis, implant-style prosthesis methods are provided.

Abscess and cyst operations

It is the part where the treatment of diseases such as abscesses and cysts formed in the root of the tooth is provided. Abscess and cyst removal operations are performed with medical devices by opening the area directly. Bone tissue addition is also provided to compensate for bone loss during the intervention.

Partial Dentures

It is the section where prosthetics with holding arms are made. Prostheses made to be placed in the jaw part offer easier use. It is not for tooth decay, but also for cases associated with bone resorption.

Bridge Prostheses

It is the unit where prosthetics are provided for the treatment of cavities that occur in the case of loss of more than one tooth. Fixed and mobile prostheses are adjusted according to the patient's oral structure.

Pedodontics (Children's Dentistry)

Children are treated for dental and oral care. All the necessary treatment methods in the area, from the first teeth to 20 teeth, are provided by specialist doctors.

Root Canal Treatment

It is the area where the roots of the teeth, whose root is decaying and no longer has the possibility of treatment, are treated. In the section where the pulp part of the tooth is removed and treated, the tooth nerve, tooth roots and root canals are cleaned.


It is aimed to ensure the harmony of teeth that are perplexed and incompatible. Disorders observed in the lower and upper jaw are eliminated. The outer range, outer smallness, is given to treat problems such as distortion and the size of the thread.

Fissure Sealant

It is a unit of treatment applied to protect the teeth of children. In order to prevent decay in the molars, medical devices are intervened. Services are provided to children aged 6 and 12.

Oral Hygiene

It refers to the service performed for the purpose of preventing tooth decay. Based on the current state of the caries in the mouth, the growth of caries is prevented. Dental structure strengthening service is offered.

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