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Best Private Hospital in Marmaris Established in 1993, the private Ahu Hospital has been offering advanced medical methods for patients to regain their health thanks to its patient-oriented treatments since its inception. In this way, the hospital, where the right treatment methods are applied with its expert physician staff and renewed infrastructure every day, offers the right health services for patients and their relatives. The hospital, which has adopted the understanding of high quality health care, has many awards and certificates in this field and continuously increases the quality of the services it provides. The treatments offered for various diseases thus ensure the health of many patients, while the hospital continues to be an important treatment center for the region.



It is the unit that aims to eliminate psychological problems with medical methods. Patients with psychological problems with various testing and diagnostic methods are treated with indoctrination and medication. Services are provided for different areas such as melancholy, depression, neuroses, social problems, and smoking cessation.

Dialysis Center

In cases where the kidneys cannot perform the task of cleaning the blood, dialysis devices that patients should use for blood cleaning are offered to patients as state-of-the-art devices in the unit. Dialysis services are provided within private rooms containing the health and comfort of the patients.

Nutrition and diet

It includes programs prepared for proper nutrition and healthy living practices. It is possible for patients to obtain a healthy diet with programs specially prepared by expert Dietitians for conditions such as obesity, weakness, diabetes, sports.

Neonatal Intensive Care

It is an observation unit provided to eliminate their vital risks as a result of the fact that babies carry various vital risks after birth. It aims to treat babies who are at risk by specialist doctors.

Intensive Care

It is a unit in which patients at risk of life after trauma or illness are kept under observation. In this way, patients are immediately intervened in the problems that will occur, as well as medical devices to overcome risky situations.

Operating room

It is a unit where various surgical operations are performed. Operations performed by doctors specializing in the field of different diseases are performed with modern medical devices and it is aimed that the patients ' surgeries are successful.

Maternity hospital

It is a unit in which pregnant women prepare for birth before birth, and both maternal and infant health is protected by applying various birth methods. Medical devices such as a heater desk and incubator are also available in the unit for the first interventions of infants.


Diagnosis and treatment methods are applied for disorders such as loss of voice, problems with the vocal cords, hearing loss, otitis media, various nasal problems, loss of smell. Support is also received from the units necessary for the treatment of patients.


It is the department where detection and treatment for skin and venereal diseases are performed. Skin and skin attachments include treatments for hair and nails, acne, eczema, psoriasis, fungal diseases, various bacteria and warts.

Child Health and diseases

It is a unit where the detection and treatment of various diseases in children is provided. Treatments are offered for children up to the age of 15. It is aimed to restore the health of children with detection and treatment methods made by specialist doctors in the field.

Brain and Neurosurgery

It includes surgical operations for disorders such as headaches, low back pain, neck pain, head injuries, spinal surgery, peripheral neurosurgery and epilepsy caused by the brain and nervous system. Operations are performed by experienced physicians in the field.


Routine dental checks include treatments provided for areas such as tooth decay, duct, implant treatment, filling, porcelain veneers, and aesthetic Smile Design. The services offered by dentists are intended to improve the dental and oral health of patients.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

It is the unit where diagnosis and treatment of fractures, trauma, joint diseases, musculoskeletal disorders are provided.. Patients are given surgical operations, as well as their recovery can be achieved thanks to medical devices. It is aimed that patients achieve their quality of life in a short period of time.

Eye Diseases

Detection and treatment of diseases that occur in and around the eye are provided. It includes treatments for problems such as eye disorders, vision loss, and inability to see far and near, and eye inflammation.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases seen in women are carried out. Menopause includes advanced treatments for birth, especially cervical cancer screenings. Applications such as Normal delivery, cesarean section delivery and anesthesia-assisted delivery are performed.


It is a unit where urological treatment and surgical operations are performed for sexual dysfunction, infertility, urinary incontinence, prostate enlargement, kidney and urinary tract problems. Interventions with advanced medical devices are provided to provide the most appropriate treatments for diseases. Open and closed operations can be performed.


Methods and treatments such as eliminating diseases that occur in the heart and vessels, performing diagnostic procedures for these diseases, exertion testing, blood pressure Holter, and the use of sound waves are performed. It is aimed to eliminate the problems of patients caused by the heart and vessels.

Internal Medicine

Diabetes, thyroid, blood diseases, infectious diseases, rheumatic diseases, kidney diseases, the cause of which is not yet known for the diagnosis and treatment procedures are applied. In addition, check-up treatment is carried out in the unit in order to understand the general health conditions of the patients.

General Surgery

Stomach and intestinal disorders, including hernia, diseases of the anal region, liver, gall bladder and bile ducts diseases of the thyroid and breast diseases diagnosis and treatment provided within the scope of a surgical unit. After detecting diseases, intervention is carried out with advanced medical methods for situations where surgery is required. It is aimed that patients get rid of the condition that requires surgery within a short period of time.

Anesthesia and reanimation

It is a unit in which patients are made suitable for surgery by local, regional and general anesthesia methods before surgery. According to the surgeries that patients will undergo, anesthesia applications requested by the doctor are performed carefully. It can also be performed in cases other than surgery to perform various examinations. With Modern techniques, anesthesia is applied in such a way that no problems are caused to the health of the patients.

Ambulance Services

It includes ambulance services provided to ensure that patients are taken from the area where they are located as a result of trauma or sudden illness. It is aimed to quickly and safely remove patients from their places and bring them to the emergency department or related units. Thanks to full-fledged ambulances, necessary interventions can be provided in the process of bringing patients to the hospital.

Emergency Service

It is a unit that includes the treatment offered to make the first intervention in sudden diseases that can be seen as caused by many conditions, especially trauma and sudden diseases, and for the person to overcome the danger of life. The unit, which caters to patients in all age groups, serves for all conditions, from minor diseases to diseases such as injuries or crises. In order to ensure the emergency response correctly, referral procedures can be performed to other units depending on the patient's condition after the first intervention in the unit consisting of Specialist Emergency Physicians and teams.

Physical therapy and Rehabilitation

It is the part where the disease or injuries are aimed at eliminating the disorders that have occurred in the muscle and tissue systems of patients. Appropriate and personalized treatments for various ailments such as waist, neck pain, facial paralysis, stroke, Parkinson's, fracture and dislocation conditions, muscle tears, meniscus problems are novated.

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