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Before, during and after surgery, it is a science related to medicine that takes care of the patient's safety and focuses on all its care, including the elimination of pain.


It is a branch that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the outer ear, middle ear, eardrum, nose, throat, vocal cords, upper part of the esophagus and facial nerves in all age groups, as well as pathologies located between the inner ear and the brain.


It is a unit where congenital disorders of the novelistic musculoskeletal system are treated.


It is the department where diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases are carried out.

Physical therapy and Rehabilitation

It is a unit where medical conditions that holistically approach acute and chronic problems such as musculoskeletal problems, neurological diseases, chronic pain and cancer-related disability are prevented, diagnosed and treated in all age groups.


It is the department that makes the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that occur in the respiratory, lung and respiratory system.

General Surgery

It is the medical department that involves the carrying out of various surgical procedures to treat many health problems and diseases.

Internal Medicine

It includes the human digestive system, hormonal system, heart, lung, kidney, blood diseases, internal diagnosis and treatment of cancer, infectious diseases, rheumatic and allergic diseases, the health and diseases of the elderly patient group.


Diagnosis and treatment of all diseases related to children is carried out in this unit.



It is one of the extremely wide-ranging branches of medicine that uses audio, radio waves and X-ray imaging technologies in the diagnosis process of diseases, and includes invasive procedures accompanied by imaging techniques in the treatment process.


Psychiatry is a branch of Medicine. Its main area of interest is brain diseases. It treats mental illnesses with medication.


This department provides services in interventional cardiology, noninvasive Cardiology, Heart Failure Clinic, electrophysiology and arrhythmia.


It is the main science of Obstetrics and Gynecology that studies women's health.


Neurosurgery is the medical science that deals with the surgical treatment of nervous system problems.


It is a branch of science that studies the structure, diseases and physiology of the nervous system.


Various treatment methods are created by monitoring human behavior and mental processes.

Nutrition and diet

Appropriate nutrition programs are prepared for people who want a quality and healthy life.


In the KVC unit, operations such as coronary vascular diseases (bypass), heart valve diseases, vascular blockages, vascular dilations, varicose veins, congenital heart holes, incorrect vascular developments can be performed.

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