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Total Tooth Care

In addition to the usual cleaning of tooth stones, it is a service where stain cleaning with pressure powder is performed. It includes treatment methods performed in detail to help teeth look healthier. Comprehensive care is applied to the mouth and teeth.


It is the name given to the placement of an artificial tooth that has no side effects, has a natural appearance and is durable instead of a lost tooth. The Implant is basically a root replacement and artificial teeth are placed on it.


Caries is one of the methods of treating teeth that are damaged, sensitive and stained, have a tissue disorder. The main goal of the treatment is to offer a natural and aesthetic smile at the same time. It can include filling, root canal treatment, coatings and bridges.

Teeth Whitening

Professional whitening procedures are performed within approximately 1 hour. It is applied together with a peroxide-containing tooth whitening gel and processes are performed together with a special heating lamp. Procedures that are performed in a healthy way are performed without damaging the teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatments simple procedures are performed to recover the problematic tooth and relieve its pain. Dental nerve tissues are the processes of cleaning and filling these tissues with the appropriate filling due to inflammation as a result of decay or trauma.


The aesthetics of laughter are made in such a way as to suit the aesthetic tastes of the people. In order to create a beautiful appearance, the necessary applications are made together with the latest technology devices. Cosmetic dental treatments can include procedures such as teeth whitening and coatings. The necessary procedures are performed to change the colors, shape, size and length of the teeth. Cracks, fractures, and alignment disorders are also treated. According to the wishes and tastes of people, the aesthetic of laughter is created.

Zirconium Veneer

It is one of the most preferred types of crowns. It is a thin layer of porcelain covering the front face of the tooth. It is done to provide a beautiful smile aesthetic. Aesthetic artificial teeth are applied to people who want the procedure. Coatings are made with crowns consisting of oxide or zirconium. The color of the teeth can be much whiter. There is no gray line visibility, it has a natural appearance. Corrosion resistant, strong.

Pediatric Dentistry Pedodontics

Examination and treatment processes can continue from infancy to adolescence. Teeth can come out in infants within the first 6 months. All follow-up and necessary treatment procedures are applied.

Prosthetic treatment

Tissues and teeth can be lost for certain reasons. For this reason, people may turn to prosthetic treatment methods. Instead of falling teeth, they are applied to the patient's own teeth. They are permanently fixed, consisting of bridges.

Tooth Extraction-Embedded Tooth

Dental caries, inflammation and tooth extraction procedures that do not fit into the jaw may be required. Orthodontic treatments may sometimes be necessary for teeth of 20. Teeth that do not develop normally and cause problems are pulled.

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